Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have five minutes

So I'll start with my haircut-- Ross already made fun of me for my crazy eyes, so don't bother. But it's the only one I took straight on and it's pretty much been in a pony ever since, so I'm posting it anyway. And I obviously took them of myself which is so embarrassing, but again, had to document the hair. So whatever. Crazy eyes, self-absorbed, weird scary neck-lines. Give it to me.
Oh and the bangs I've decided aren't really bangs. Too easy, I can still tuck them behind my ear, so of course that's what I end up doing. So maybe I'll cut more next time, we'll see.
To much to blog about but this will be all for now. I'm at my friend Brooke's "home" in Orange County. We did her family beach house through yesterday, (I know I know, we're SO lucky to have friends with beach-houses to share.... ) Ross left last night, before that was a big 35-person family shoot on Saturday. And before that of course was Gina's wedding. I feel like I'll never ever be able to catch up on editing photos. And the wedding... WOOOH... that was hard. That is certainly a post of it's own.
One that will have to wait. Goodnight!


alliehoopes said...

I have two. And iPod typing is slow. You are a babe. And the yellow looks like summer. Wedding photos in the sun? Tough stuff but those look lovely. No surprise there. I need a haircut. Allie out.

Lacy said...

Great hair and weird neck lines. Are you anorexic or something? Just joking... bad joke, I know.

missy said...

love the hair lillie. and could you be any more tan??

brooke said...

love the hair,and the skinny neck and face!

maines said...

LOVE the hair! And I feel justified now for you posting that picture of me at the shower with crazy eyes. Even.