Sunday, June 21, 2009

San Diego: Part 1

I don't know if it's because there's no enclosure, or because the weather's so much nicer, or because there are more beautiful plants and birds around to look at, or just because everything at Nana and Papa's is more fun than at home... but they have SO much fun on this trampoline when we go back home.

Don't know if you can actually tell in any of the photos I'm posting, but I can officially give Mila two little pig tails in back now. I'm in love.And this big crazy sun-flare on Sophia... I'm a little in love with that too. Again with the love... my two nephews, Cannon and Dane... enough to make me want to use the Shettles Method to go for a boy next time. ;)

Sophia loves her cousins, she talks about them all the time.

And yup... they've got one MORE boy on the way. Just 14 or 15 months after Dane. (Right Tere?) And she's one of those that makes it all look like cake. I don't get it. I used to think I was sooo "laid back". Hah. Maybe that's back when I thought I was a camper too. It's not so easy peasy for me.
Boy do they love their papa. He's just like Ross where he'll offer to watch the girls and not just watch them, but take them on walks, and to play with the neighbor's dogs, and to the pet-store to get a turtle (until he finds out said turtle cost like 50 bucks instead of cents), and to McDonalds for icecream.... above and beyond. So what if he feeds them ketchup and licorice all day long? My mom and I got pedicures, went to dinner, went for a run withOUT the jogger (wow what a difference)... it was so worth it.

This is Sophia's favorite thing to do with Nana. Watch cartoons in her bed in the morning. (One of my favorites too since it buys me more sleepy-time.) When Nana came home from work at like 7pm, it was still Sophia's first request.

Oh this mama of mine. I dream of the day she can retire and just play with us all day when we come out there. So does she. It's amazing to me how my girls seem to just KNOW that she is my mama and therefore practically theirs. When we left them for Newport, it was the first time I'd seen Mila totally unaware of whether I was staying or going. She had nana. Nana is all the sweet smell, soft skin, and gentle voice you could ever need. Believe me, I know. She probably didn't even know I was gone.

This trip started because Ross was working in Rancho Santa Fe Tue and Wed... and ended in Orange County where I had a shoot. (I still feel like I should put that in quotes and add a wink... but what else am I going to call it right?) In between was the usual play at my mom's, a morning with my sis-in-law, Teresita and her boys, Balboa Park, and a trip to the zoo with my sister, Mel. I haven't gotten to those pictures yet... hence.... the title.


Christin said...

You are truly an artist when it comes to photos. Amazing. By the way, we are going to be in SD the end of July. We'd love to see you and of course have you bring your camera (:


Meet the Harkers said...

I can't wait to have beautiful children, so I can just take beautiful pictures of them all the time like you! This makes me miss home and family! I love uncle kirk and aunt jan :)

Monica said...

very nice what you said about your mom!

missy said...

Ok, so now just tell me what lens you are using. Shoot me an email please?!

Brandon or Michelle said...

is it too late to comment?

are your girls' hair always so magically wispy?

love that you had such a good time. I could breathe in the love, it was so overwhelming. hooray. :)

Nana from San Diego said...

Thank goodness for your gift of capturing beauty in pictures AND words. Yup...our yard is magical and it is even more so with kids and grandkids there to enjoy it!

Kirby said...

Lil, your girls are so stinkin' cute. I have not "blog stalked" you in forever...what was I thinking?! Mila is getting so big! Oh, and I love your new pillow...It definitely deserved it's own post! :)