Saturday, June 06, 2009

Couch (and Crib) 4 Sale TODAY- $200 OBO (for couch)

Excuse the faces in the photo-- and it's quality (it's scanned in). We had this couch in our old house and wrapped it safely in plastic wrap when we moved and got our sectional. I wish I'd taken a great picture of it before but this is a print I wrangled up somewhere, that at least sort of shows it.

Anyway-- we're attempting some de-junking today and we've been meaning to sell this couch forever. I'll put it on Craigslist a little later if nobody on here is interested but I thought I'd start here for any of you local friends who might check in.

It's in great condition. It's a slip-cover style, with lots of pillows that come with. What I loved loved loved about it, is that any little spill could be scrubbed out without leaving a single mark behind. I'm sure there's more I should tell you about it, but I'm not sure what--- and we've got things to do! and piles and piles of stuff in closets to sort through! So please let me know if you have any questions.

Also we're selling the Davinci Anastasia crib we had for Sophia. It's cherry. Here's a picture I found online. It's obviously used, and she got some teeth marks on the railing before we got the plastic covers on. I don't think we have any directions for setting it up or anything... That one we're selling for $150 OBO.

We've also got a little (I'll admit it, "cheap") armour we'd like to give away... it's sort of cherry. We used to keep a tv in it in our bedroom. No pic. handy... but if you come by and want it, take it... otherwise it's going to DI.

We're REALLY hoping to get rid of some stuff today (maybe that's crazy)... so let us know right away if you're interested: 636-0634 if you want to call us, or just comment here. THANKS!


brooke said...

Um, all I can say is that I thought that was Mila in the couch picture and then I was sophia. Who knew they were twins! Good luck with the selling!

Anonymous said...

Its Marnie- and If I lived there you better believe I would snag that couch because I know first hand how dany comfy it is and also that it is a nice neutral you can work any room around...also the armoir in your old room, ya I hhad dibs on that like two years ago but alas I live in Boise.
I hope that this little blurb helps entice you buyers to help a friend out so that she maybe can save her little cash from the sellings and buy a ticket to beautiful Boise Idaho...where we can raft the river with kids, go to the lake, ride bikes on the greenbelt, walk downtown to a fun little restaurant and enjoy life for a few days together...pure heaven
love you, miss you think of you daily

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