Monday, June 08, 2009

Nana and Grandpa B.

Nana and Grandpa rolled in for the day yesterday. Just long enough to eat burgers and chocolate chip cookies, watch a Laker game, have a camp out with Sophia, roasting marshmallows (carrots, for lack of the real thing)...
Play in our backyard, enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having. 70's in June??! It's unreal. Breezy, a few clouds, warm sun, cool air... if only this would last.

I wish I'd gotten pictures of the girls with my parents the last time I was home, and with my Dad and Marybeth the last time we got together out here... we've had lots of fun family times. My girls really know and love their grandparents... I always think they might sort of forget in between but they certainly don't. There's just something about family, you know? Like they can feel that they're connected and REALLY loved by 'em.

I was telling my mother-in-law while she was here, I just feel more in need of family than ever. With little ones, it just gets more and more fulfilling to me to spend time together... I was never one of those wives that took off back home with the kids for a week here and there. I don't think I'm overly dependant on Ross, but I sure like his company a lot and wasn't dying to head out. But now I get it. New personalities around to entertain the kids, ones who love and appreciate their time with them, and make them feel just as amazing and fabulous as us mommies know they are. And it helps that they make us feel a little bit like kids again while they take over some of the responsibilities. oooh... this is all sounding so good right now while I look around at my filthy Monday house. I'm thinking I might be making LOTS of trip to San Diego this summer.


Erin Marriott said...

Okay first of fun for you and Ross to get away for a few days with NO KIDS!!! What a retreat. Dan and I keep saying we need to do that, and now I'm sold. Now it's just when. And your pictures are sexy sexy, and gorgeous and you look amazing!! I wish we lived closer...I probably would have bought your crib...I'm changing out Alli's baby furniture and I'm still deciding between white and expresso, and I love Sophia's old crib. Doesn't it feel good to de-junk?! We've been taking a closet or a drawer every few weeks and downsizing and it feels amazing. Oh, and the letter to Mila? Had me in tears. Loved it.

Christin said...

Fun Pics. We'll be in S.D. the end of July. Maybe we can cross paths. (:


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

ok Lillie, I LOVE the foot picture! That is just too precious!