Monday, March 23, 2009

Remember them?

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My number one supporters. Well besides my husband. But he's not paying me to take his picture, so .... my number one supporters. :) I know I've told you before, but they're small business owners with their home-scrabble-pendant-shop, so I think they get it, and want to root me on. Aren't they awesome? So this was their official family shoot. A shoot without any scrabble pieces... I kind of missed those little things. But not really... not with those two little girls, one blue eyed, one brown, bare-foot, tutu-clad, and happy as clams. Check out the photo blog for lots more. And you'll die over that set of blue eyes, so watch out.


Da Costa said...

Love the pics! I checked them out on your photoblog too and they're awesome!!! :0) Thanks for the tips on the collage; I'm running home today to see what I can do! :0) And by the way, I think you'd be amazing at taking some preggo pics too. You know, maybe a way to help expand your new biz. :0) Just wnated you to know I'm totally green with envy! :0) Keep it up girl. One day long from now when you've become some big shot photographer and I'm (hopefully) sitting in the shoes you're in now, I'll be calling you asking if you'll be my mentor!

Da Costa said...

Oh, I do know how to spell "wanted." I just had a moment of typing dyslexia! :0)

S.A.S. said...

Wow wow wow. You are amazing miss Lil. I'm about ready get a dog or something that you can take pictures of... maybe my handsome husband. Just know when I have kids, we're flying down to be your umpteenth customers. LOVED the shots on the photo blog too - captures them so well.

Share the Same B-day said...

Taken like a true photographer. Wow Lillie, I'm so impressed!!!