Monday, March 09, 2009

Newborn Pictures:

SO much harder than I thought. How do all the websites make it look so easy to get these little newborns to curl up into the fetal and gently rest their angel faces on their forearms? I mean is that too much to ask?! I thought for sure with a five-day-old, I'd be able to make it happen, figured it was most certainly the age... now I'm just more convinced of that whole photographer part of the equation. They have secret tips they're not sharing. I'm sure of it. ;)

So if you check out some more of 'em on my photo blog, you'll see my attempt at the towel stack. I know it looks like she might fall off... and I'm sure the parents were nervous because she sort of was the whole time... and I could not for the life of me get her legs to curl, and it was too late to mess with taking the diaper off, not to mention that big, tough daddy of hers is NOT into the naked baby shots.. Oops. Sorry Eddie. But I still had to post one just to document the first attempt. And maybe the last. ... or maybe I'll try with bigger towels next time. How lucky do you think I felt though when they got to my house and unveiled that gorgeous dark-haired, pixie-faced baby? Lucky.


Brandon or Michelle said...

I think you might be too down-to-earth for this profession....had you not said anything, but instead just linked to all those beauties I just saw, I would have thought to myself, "How did she do all that newborn magic stuff?!?!"

Karley said...

I get what you mean about the pile of towels. Austin was born in October and I decided to clean out a pumpkin and put her sticking out of it for her birth announcements. It turned out to be a very cute picture, but there were a few times she nearly fell flat on her face from falling out (I know, mom of the year!). Those pictures of Ashlyn are so so super cute!