Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just a few quick bullets.

- Got my hair done yesterday. That's always nice... a little blonder, a little shorter, a little fresher, a lot poorer. Bleh. Who convinced us to ever start highlighting our hair? Somebody rich I'm sure.

-Sophia carries a small purse or backpack almost everywhere she goes right now-- fills it with little toys of her choice that day and only takes her hands off of it when there's something better. She's VERY into her things right now. Takes claim of just about everything.

- Mila's vocabular is growing like crazy-- she communicates just about everything in some way or another.... a few of her newest "words" are: a-oon (balloon), cheese, aunt-asside (I want outside), aunt- dow (I want down), aunt- daw (I want dog), do do do!! (go go go!!), Uv-you ( I love you... yes this one is a heart-melter)... and I'm sure there's more. I'm loving it.

- If you can't tell--- I'm awfully excited about the whole photography thing.... and I'm wish wish wishing I could upgrade my camera so that I'd have more lens options but keep remembering when Allie said she couldn't justify upgrading until she knew everything about the camera. That means I've got a little while. Pftt.

-Oh and here's the latest 'shoot' I got to do. My friend Stefani has an etsy shop where she sells these beautiful scrabble pendants. I put a bunch on the photo blog of course.

-Our weather is just about perfect right now-- mix that with the long days and there are some good feelings going around in the late afternoon. I'm trying to keep my mind off of what's to come this summer and enjoy these heavenly evenings.

- I'm feeling incredibly blessed lately with two healthy children and a husband with a job.


Lauren said...

Totally know about the hair highlighting thing. BUT Lillie, no picture? Come on, I know EVERYONE is going to want to see your hair. :) Grace and Taggart both did the backpack/toy thing. So excited for you and your photography thing. You really have a talent. I love seeing your pictures. Our AZ weather I'm sure is just what your's is, too. LOVELY. The healthy kids and has a job husband thing is definitely a blessing. I hear ya, sista!

Mark and Stefani McCune said...

Thank you for today! Love your hair too! ♥ S

kkmom said...

I love that little update.. I may have to borrow your idea for my blog. I have been soooo awful about updating, plus dowloading pics from my camera... I need to find the stinkin' cord!
Lillie, your pics are soooo beautiful... It makes me want to get mine out and play today, hehe.
DO you keep a lens on your camera at all times?
Mu Hubby like to keep it all apart and in it's case, which makes it hard for me when my little ones decides to pull the foil out of the cupboard and unroll it all across the kitchen floor ( can you say we are entering our "terrible" 2's?)

alliehoopes said...

Yes but remember my dear we were still in the middle of medicalish school (no money whatsoever). I think you've earned yourself an upgrade from that blasted no-lens-working d40. If not now then soon. Or perhaps as soon as you and hub agree to it since I'm not the one paying for it :) I'll shut up now.

Sarie said...

Picture of hair please. I'm feeling like doing some chopping....