Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just a glimpse at the weekend...

ps DSC_0018 soft cross processbackyard with daddy collage

Sophia runs around the yard with Ross -- wrestling, twirling, leaping... with Mila puttering behind trying to be part of the fun, I make the mistake of starting an announcing bit "??!..." And look at her go, Princess Sophia... with a double front twirl and lickety split back kick... oh the grace... how many times can she twirl? Will she stumble? Will she fall down???"---
and now she won't let me stop. Every time we go in the backyard now, I have to come up with some narrating announcing nonsense for everything she does. It's surprisingly hard. And I'm pretty sure the neighbors can hear me say things like "front doubly dub backwards triple-ness twirl". It's a little embarrassing. Kind of like when you try to imitate a language you don't know and you keep saying the same thing.. "ong chi ong chi ong" --- that's my chinese. Or "vida la ita la sasa la lalalala" that's sort of my spanish. Not that bad but lot's of la's. You get it.

So we really are soaking up the weather right now. It's already getting pretty warm out here so luckily our backyard is pretty much always shaded and it's heavenly in the afternoon during that last hour before Ross gets home when I'm going a little nuts. We've been having fruit picnics. Once she sees me spread the blanket out, she runs inside and grabs the grapes or straw/black/blue/ras- berries. Whatever's in front when she opens the doors. We like picnics.

The ones WITH Ross of course were Sunday... while he kindly kept them busy outside so I could cook dinner before his PARENTS came. I know these look like every backyard post-- but that's what we do. We hang. In the backyard. Eat, run, jump, dig, twirl, and announce. I can't say I always play with them, I milk it as long as I can when they'll play alone :) ... but when Sophia finally says "mommy come play with us", my heart's butter and it's fun. It's really fun.


moliver said...

All of your photos look like they come straight out of some kind of beautiful parenting magazine. I love it! And yes, Summer will be here way to soon! We're enjoying the outdoors before the only air we breath for months is coming out of an air conditioning vent (thank goodness for A/C by the way).

Lindsay Griffeth said...

You're REALLY making me jealous with all of this backyard talk. I want one, too. :)

Julie said...

Oh, to walk/run with bare feet in beautiful green grass...in MARCH! I'm so tired of carrying an electric blanket with me around the house. I love your back yard pictures!