Friday, September 19, 2008

Too many pictures... too little time...

I thought being on "vacation" with Lizzie, who can also kill a night on her laptop, would allow for a lot of live blogging... thought that I'd totally keep up with each day of fun. Not so much. The days are SO fun, and so full, by the time we get the kids down, and our disasters cleaned up (four kids can do a lot of damage to 900 square feet... or whatever it is) We're pooped. I work on the blurb book a little, we figure out what to concoct for dinner out of peanut butter and soy corn-dogs (about all that's left of our groceries since we can't seem to figure out a good time to "swing by" again), and by the time I decide I should FOR SURE blog, it's midnight and I feel painfully aware that there is no Ross in the morning to watch the kids while he get's ready from 6:30 to like..... 8.... my preferred wake up time. :) Oh boy. So here are a bunch of pictures. With no promise of a complete story at any time. I guess it's pretty simple. Newport Beach. Did Ikea- twice, did Disneyland, did the beach, did South Coast Plaza for PB Kids. Did my sister Melisa's house (which I really wish I brought my camera for because she just has some of the cutest stuff to photograph.... ie. house decor, son, baby belly.... ), did the Sand Box and the Park..... did the "you make me crazy and your son is too loud" "well you make me crazy and you need to teach your daughter how to recap the dang markers". Did the late night laughing and gabbing and online shopping and relaxing and BREATHING after our precious, crazy children were asleep. We did it all. And then some.
I just came back from a big break in which both of my girls were supposed to nap, but instead, Mila refused since she'd napped for five minutes in the car, and Sophia pooped in her panties. Twice. Which ruined her nap. Since she'd dozed off after the poop but before I found it. I'm in super-grouch mode now. Poor Lizzie just came out from her nap to Monster Friend. She's seen the worst this week. Sigh.


Lowdogg said...

I'm actually a little out of breath after reading that.
Great pics.

Christin said...

Looks like poor Mila wasn't enjoyin the sand too much. That's how my babies act when I put them on the grass.


Brandon or Michelle said...

hey, I wanted to give you a little more luv, because you sent some my way under multiple posts, and plus, these pictures lillie, GASP! they will be some of the REALLY KEEP FOREVER ones, don't you think? that water, that beach, those girls. so beautiful.

and a tiered, polka dotted dress for your own almost 1 year old? already on its way. (okay I have to make it first, but still, of course, on its way...I promise to even try and get it to you BEFORE she turns 1.)