Friday, September 26, 2008


It really shouldn't have been so stressful. A three-year-old's birthday party. But the weeks got away before I knew it and her birthday passed and we had so much going on with the whole Morgan Stanley move, but I SWORE I'd throw her a real party this year. We did Sea World on her real birthday which probably would have seemed like more than enough if that's actually why we went... but it wasn't. And I felt bad killing two birds with one stone just because I knew I could get away with it since she is only three. I remember going to Mother's Day family parties and my mom telling me it was also my birthday party and I didn't buy it. (Sorry mom, not traumatized or anything, just a memory :)). I'm sure Sophia isn't old enough to catch me yet.... but regardless, I guess for my sake, or something (and I knew that she would LOVE every second of it- my social butterfly) ... we finally did the real birthday party. Only a few weeks late.

In order to reduce the amount of stress involved, I kept telling myself it would just be a few of her closest friends, and some cupcakes. "Erase from your memory the Fancy Nancy Party" I told myself. Forget the homemade suckers and crown-decorating, the tiny round PB&J sandwiches and the fancy hot chocolate with whipped cream. The home-made Tutu that served as the "take-home trinket," AND the goody bucket of nail-polishes and lip-gloss. No one will judge you if it really is just cupcakes. But then I keep thinking. But people will bring gifts. Are they expecting that in return for their gift they'll get an A-list party with a great take-away?! Such panic. Sometimes, I tell you.... this mommy thing... we've got some stiff competition. :) (I'm kidding, so please, no anonymous comments about how it really doesn't matter and it seems as though I'm too worried about the small things in life and I shouldn't compare myself to other moms....).

So it was a few friends (I debated and debated how many to invite... too many cute kids in our area now... too few spots at the table etc.... so another stress.... local friend-bloggers, please don't be offended if you weren't invited to my last-minute, belated, small birthday party), cupcakes, some painting, some crazy dancing (and wrestling... see pic. of Sophia and Tanner.... the only boy at the party had to bring some boy fun with him) and some present opening. All in all, a success.

Sophia did her flawless present-opening reaction over and over again " (gasp) Woooooowwwww.... what iiiiiiiiiisss it????? Wooooowww........" that almost makes the spoiling-rotten part of birthday parties all worth it.


Nathan and Emily said...

Love it, love it, love it! She looks thrilled to have such wonderful friends and family with her. And again, your pictures ahhh. Wow, makes me never want to use my camera again!

Kym said...

she is getting more & more adorable! I love her short hair & her big smile with dimples! so cute!

Sarie said...

Take a breath Lillie. You're one of the best.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

What a great party! I love the "This is Rome" books. I started a little collection of those last year!

I totally hear ya on the stress of birthday parties. They are a lot of work! Especially for little girls. Not sure why that's the case!

D-dawg said...

Lillie! First of all - Happy birthday to Sophia- she looks so happy and cute. Good for you for doing a party for her. They can be hard especially when they're 2. Your comment cracked me up- the voting was totally anonymous- I couldn't see a thing. But thanks for explaining yourself! The whole voting thing was hilarious and I'm so glad everyone was honest!

Now I want to talk about your camera- for some reason I've been thinking we had the same one, and the same 50mm lens? But your pics are looking WAY better than mine. Can you please email me your secrets/tips? And tell me what camera you have- maybe we don't have the same one. I've been wanting to upgrade and get a good Nikon- I have the canon rebel. It's been so fun to play with but I want to get better!
theharlowfamiliy at gmail dot com


Leah said...


Thanks for your comment. I have a few more questions for you but it might be annoying to post on your blog. Could I get your email?


S.A.S. said...

THREE? How is this happening? How are the infants walking and talking and dancing and eating cupcakes? Keep having them so I always know there is a baby in the Biesinger household.
She's beautiful Lil, Sophia's dimples could melt dry ice. And may I say, that is JUST the kind of party I'd like to attend. Well done.

Erin Marriott said...

How fun!! Wow, I seriously can't believe she's 3 already! It seems like just yesterday we were in Provo at Ross' parent's house, and she was barely walking! You're such a cute mom, Lillie. A cupcake party is perfect at this age, and yes, I totally agree with you with the whole "have to have the event of the year, A-list type party"'s terrible! Us moms do kind of have it rough, don't we?! Good job on the party, it looked like a complete success...and I love your pictures, she looks so happy! p.s. still coveting your camera...haha. Maybe after the economy pipes down, then I won't feel so guilty buying one!

Christin said...

What program do you use to write on your photos. I love that.

Cute kiddos by the way. Don't feel bad, birthdays should be celebrated. You're a great mom.