Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Her 1st day of school!

It was Monday. But I didn't get a chance to blog it. I DID, however, of course snap at least a couple of pictures before we raced out the door. Raced because it was already 8:41, and it starts at 8:45... but it didn't matter since it is at my friend, Rachelle's house like ONE minute away! I debating not doing it. And now, two days in, I could kiss Rachelle's face off.

Sophia loves it, as I knew she would. She doesn't want to leave when I get there. She's around the corner, and her teacher is a good friend of mine that I know and trust, so I feel super safe. And like I said, she's around the corner. Could it get any easier for mama?!

So far, I'm in heaven. I miss her of course, and want to eat her up at lunch time, which is a good thing. Oh yeah, and the pictures.... I kept talking up school with a backpack, thought I'd get her one, and forgot. So when the morning came, she kept asking for her backpack. I explained to her that I forgot to get her a little-girl backpack, so she could wait 'till next time, or use Daddy's big backpack. She chose the latter. I don't have to tell you how cute she looked.


S.A.S. said...

Ah! School? Your baby is in SCHOOL?! Look at Soph with the backpack the size of her little body. She's such a girl. How lovely that she's so close, getting social time, learning, and still home for lunch. I wish we worked like that:)
(first photo dimple is to die for)

Sarie said...

What a milestone. And so great for a mother's heart to have her baby so close!

ps We sold the utah property in March. But I was wondering if you guys ever rented your other house?

Lindsay Griffeth said...

School. Wow! She's such a big girl. And that's great that you have this preschool option. Sounds perfect.

Erin Marriott said...

I love it! Look at her with her backpack, she looks so proud! How cute that she remembered. She will have a hay day picking out her own! And Mila, I wish I could squeeze those thighs. I can't believe how big our girls are getting?!

Audry said...

Cute. I remember Madisen starting Pre-school. I was so torn, but in the end I was glad I sent her.