Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"A little comfort from home.... pfft....I laugh at warm fuzzies"-- Sophia K. Biesinger*

(*ok, not actually a quote)

(Proof that I eventually got her the appropriate sized Dora backpack--- very hip amongst her peers... wouldn't want her going to school with anything less.)

Miss Rachelle suggested bringing something from home like a stuffed animal or doll to comfort the child if they get homesick or sad.


Sophia likes her dolls.

But not nearly as much as she likes being ANYWHERE but home. The second we get to school she chucks the doll and runs away from me as fast as possible. Three hours later, when I go to pick her up, she teases me by yelling, "you're home mommy.... you're home!!", and almost has me believing that she missed me. But then she just goes on playing, avoiding me as long as possible until I drag her to the car, always the last to go, and then drive her home listening to the sweet serenade of "I don't want to go home! I don't want to go home!" from the back seat.

So sometimes I count my blessings and think I have a wonderfully well-adjusted daughter who LOVES to be social and active.

And then sometimes I just wonder what exactly it is I'm doing wrong that makes her HATE being home and feel NO loneliness for me when we're apart. I think she went through a phase around 8 months where she didn't like me to leave the gym childcare..... Besides that, she pretty much never looks back. She loves the gym. Loves nursery. She's always trying to snuggle with her friend's mommies and says hi to EVERYONE who looks about her age at Ikea, Sea World etc.... she's a friendly girl. I've always said she was fearless. Not just because it's a mommy thing to say. I really think she's fearless. (Well except after I took her on Snow White at Disneyland, that freaked her out pretty good-- big mistake.)

So maybe I'll choose to believe it's a good thing. A strength of Sophia's, a sign of security and self confidence... and not an indicator of a completely unappealing home and mommy...


Jenie said...

Wow! I've never been first to comment on your blog so I'm doin' it! :) I've loved catching up with your family and I love all of the pictures! Looks like you had an incredible time in Newport. I'm glad you guys were able to get away and have some fun with the kids. Loved the party for Sophia and I'm only slightly offended that you didn't invite us; oh, wait, I don't have a 3 year old girl, so it's okay this time. :) I'm glad she had such a fun day and I'm glad she's loving pre-school. That indepedent little spirit will come in handy one day. You're doing great!

Christin said...

I think Luke and Sophia might be related. Luke is a total socialite. He LOVES friends and would love to run away from home too except that he'd miss his dad WAY too much. (:


Sarie said...

No really, it's a good sign! Keep loving your independent daughter! It's the healthiest thing in the world.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I am soooo in your same boat! My niece BALLED today when my sister handed her to me and she walked out of the room. Nate WAVES goodbye to me when I leave. And he's MUCH happier when we're not at home.

I look at it as a good thing. And I think you should, too. Independent and confident on their own. ???

Jessica said...

Samantha goes to an amazing home preaschool with ladies that I have known since I was a little girl who just eat her up yet every tue and thur when I go to drop her off she hides behind me and I have to pri her off only to be told at the end of the day that she was fine after I left.....not sure if this sis just a show or what but I would love her to just walk away from me...so enjoy some part of Sophia's independance.

Megan said...

So funny little Brooklyn. Oh wait! you are talking about Sophia. I swear I have the same issues with my Brooklyn. Fiesty aren't they. I guess everyone says it's good. But it still hurts sometimes how independent they really are. I totally hear ya on this.

Rachelle said...

It is such a good thing. One day you might have a kid who freaks out when you leave her, and you'll be wishing for those good ol' days with Sophia.