Monday, September 22, 2008

At Ten Months

Mila, Mila Bean, M, MiMi, Lala, baby girl, Mila ten months, she's:

Crawling and of course "into everything" as they say, just starting to cruise (as in picking her feet up and carefully placing them back down with both hands on coffee table), babbling and humming and screaming and growling, saying mama (I think in reference to me, but who EVER knows), loving all things food (except the ones made for babies) and eats--- I kid you not--- as much as me in a sitting. I'm certain she could eat a whole avocado, probably half a medium sized watermelon, and a serving of pasta.... she is indeed, my daughter. She's sweet as can be and snuggles like every mom hopes her baby will. She melts into your chest and burrows into anything cozy with the most joyful expression. She never took a binky which was crazy to me after Sophia, and instead, her bed-time vice is her blankie which she instantly pulls up to her face and rolls over to snuggle. It's precious. Long drives were awful until it occurred to us that she didn't have her blankie, so I took off my shirt, threw it on top of her, and watched her scrunch it to her face and drift off. I was left looking a little silly, she was quiet and all was worth it.
It's all going by too fast. With Sophia, I remember being so excited for each upcoming phase, I didn't really have room to miss the past. Now I wish I could just pause her, and eat up every phase a little longer. Maybe it has something to do with my background noise right now (Sophia screaming at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason) that, from my experience, seems to accompany a three year old.
Ten months.... ahhhh..... it's sweet.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

In my many years of parenting :) . . . I have found that 10 months is ideal. Loved it!

I love her rolls and her cute personality!

Jeanette said...

I changed my blog address, a long time ago, sorry for not updating you. Mila is so cute, and having a 3 year old myself, it is a trying age. It does get better, lots better!

Audry said...

She's very cute.

Brandon or Michelle said...

sigh, I loved the thighs in the first picture. what a lovely, pleasant, happy little girl. And you are a gifted's so interesting, even if it's technically "record keeping"- thanks for sharing your beauties with us.

Oh, and hang in there with Sophia! You can do it! breathe, breathe (telling myself the same thing when my now 4-year old has CRAZY breakdowns that make me too want to scream).

Meg said...

I like reading the updates of your little girl. My boy is just a month and a half older than her, and it's nice to see what other babies around his age are doing. She is so adorable!

S.A.S. said...

The elbows are my favorite. I just want to squeeze her and put her cheek next to mine. How fun that she's a cuddler... please let my babies be cuddly. I can't believe Mila is TEN MONTHS! I feel like it was yesterday you were visiting when you and Mila (in tummy) and I were all trapesing around NYC.

Holly said...

How many times can I check your blog a day before I am considered a certifiable stalker? ;) I can't believe she is all miss idependant 'I can stand up by myself now' 10 months old, how did that happen...and soo soo cute!!

Missy said...

Have another Lillie. It's incredible. Could it be that reading this, made me want to stop time and nuzzle my newborn that much longer?

Mila is ADORABLE. Can we plan a time to meet up this Fall? Maybe in the desert?!