Tuesday, July 22, 2008

summer fun

Thankyou free movie days for giving us something to do away from the 114 degrees of misery outside. Even if it is Carebears. We'll see you at 10 with our home popped bag of kettle corn (we did the budget last night for family night-- :( Roxeanne, you're a better person than I... supporting the concessions for a free movie) and Peanut Butter pretzels. I'm sure Hallie's mommy will have a bag of yummy candy to share. She always does. Off we go! Happy Tuesday.


Laci and the Girls said...

We took advantage of that same thing this morning....Penelope. Girls loved it as always and I too stuffed my bag(s) full of my own treats from home. The only way to go :)

Lindsay & Weston said...

Next summer that will be PERFECT for Nate! I don't envision him sitting still for more than about 30 seconds right now. :)