Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's Remarkable

My sweet grandma (mom's mom) just celebrated 80 years on this earth, and the party-throwers of all party-throwers (my mom and Kirk) threw a bash on the 5th at their house. So my pictures are backwards.... Saturday's party first, then the 4th of July pool-day... but what's it to you?

I'm not positive, but I'm going to say she was married at 18, which would mean this gorgeously aged couple has been married for 62 years. Wow. It has never meant quite so much to me, something to do with a few more years, marriage... kids. Isn't it amazing how you finally feel, so SINCERELY, so humbly, that respect you were always told to have as a kid. These are two people that married in the temple as "kids", and have kept their covenants, built this huge family, and made 62 years of memories ---together. So much longer than any period of time they had alone. Just kind of reminds you what marriage really is... in such a confused world. So much respect.

Sophia being a ...... you guessed it... stinker. It's a good thing she's so cute, people kept trying to talk to her, even though her reply was generally a very unpleasant squeal and a pair of stink-eyes.

The big-brother Cannon.
Just moments before I took this one, my Grandma's sister, Valda, next to her, had shown me some old photos of the two of them on the beach in Hawaii in their bikinis. So awesome. I wish I could have scanned them in for the blog. They were both gorgeous of course. My grandma was once crowned a Rose Parade princess. (Queen?? ) Beautiful girl... it's no wonder where her six daughters get it. After she married my grandpa, she raised eight children, primarily between Hawaii, Samoa, and Tonga, as she supported him in his work for the LDS church colleges out there. It seems like she's lived several life-times to me. An amazing lady.

And just a few photos from the 4th:

Can you spot my little fair-skinned beauties amongst my brother's little indians?! These are the Frisch kids! The ones with Jeanette for a mom. She's the kind of blonde where even her eyelashes are blonde. Go figure.


Sarie said...

Ok, EVERY SINGLE one of these photos is beautiful. I especially love the one of your grandmother. What a life, what a story she has! Makes me want to be a better woman. We have so much to learn from the women who have gone this way before us. And Mila. All I can say is those arms. And that hair. And that little face. I LOOOOVE her.

Kym said...

what a beautiful tribute to your grandma (& grandpa). I can't imagine what a beautiful life they've had together. It seems like 62 of marriage is SO far away, but someday it will seem like a blink of an eye right? Good thing we get to spend it with the one we love.

Missy said...

80 years? Oh the stories she must have. I love listening to those kinds...congrats to them.

And your 4th, per usual, looks PERFECT. Can't believe I get to see you in a mere 2 weeks!! Hooray.

Kodi said...

Ok, Mila and that watermelon are hysterical. That girl is so stinkin' cute. I love her. What a great post about your grandparents. I love that cake with so many candles. I hope I make it that long and get a cake that looks like that. Someday.:)Your family is beautiful.

Christin said...

I had to laugh at the "stink-eyes". Luke has a pair that could KILL.


Rebecca said...

So Levi and I talk about our "dreams" a lot. The only one we know for sure includes us being old and happy, with lots of beautiful children and people around us. I think your grandparents pretty much nailed it.

Megan said...

That picture of the watermelon is hilarous. I actually was laughing out loud in my chair. So cute. Great Blog!