Friday, July 18, 2008

8 Months Old

Oh how to condense it. All of the incredible things she already is only eight months in.... maybe we'll just use pictures as an outline, that always makes it easier.

So here's a few of my chunk-o-love at 8 months.

Can't explain it. One day her hair just decided to... lay down. And that was that.
But as you can tell I'm not used to it yet... I like to see every morsel of that luscious face.

So grateful my daughter's got Ross' gorgeous blue eyes with a decent set of black eyelashes. Don't you just want to squish your lips in her cheek? I know I do.

As of about a week and a half ago, she's boasting one perfect little razor blade... I mean tooth-- on the bottom (can you see it if you pop out?) Those suckers start out so sharp. It really is amazing that nursing babies don't do more damage. I guess some do... It's amazing MY little eaters don't. I'll just be grateful for that.

She sure wants to get moving. She seems to find a way to scoot and roll herself to where she wants to get (if it's not too far), but she's been doing this little move (illustrated above) from the sitting position for the last little bit... and seeing as Sophia started crawling at 8 1/2 months, I expect the official crawl to be right around the corner.
Sophia grabs a basket of toys from the toy room and dumps it in front of Mila so they can play together. I used to DREAM of that day. It really is that great. Watching your kids play together. Feels like one of those family milestones to me. Like now we're really a family.

She really is the easiest crowd. So generous with her smiles, and coos, and giggles... she's like a ray of sunshine. I'm thinking she'll be like Ross... you know, 72 and sunny. Everybody loves 'em. Laughs easily at a joke. Makes you feel like you're the stuff. And you always want to kiss their cheeks.... :)

Pre-blogging days, I kept a scrapbook for Sophia's first year and wrote periodic letters to her, I'm afraid I just won't do that this time around, so for that, and just to make sure I didn't miss anything... Mila, this parts for you.

Dear M--
At eight months old, you've taken me so far away from pregnancy and motherhood woes with your sweet babble, your gummy grin, and snugly little demeanor. I feel like I could have a dozen babies right now if they were all like you. But I know you'll grow up and be two. And while I'll only love and respect you more every day up to, through, and far beyond then... I might not survive a dozen... (kids who have at one point been two- that is) so I'll probably wait a while and just enjoy YOU as my baby. My warm, snugly, forgiving, giggling, almost-crawling, bubble-blowing, B-and-D-consonant-babbling, finger/toe-wiggling baby girl.

You're eating food now. And surprise! You love it. Especially: avocado, watermelon, bananas, oatmeal, squash, grapes, black beans, and cheerios. Or maybe you just love anything and those are the only things I've really given you. Hmm.

And your giggle has turned a corner these last couple of weeks. It's not just a baby giggle, I hear your voice now. It seems like you do to. I love that.

And I know you're only 8 months old, so maybe it's a phase, but for now, you are a MAMA'S girl. And I'm loving it. It makes the gym a little harder, but it's worth it. You watch me across the room when I make dinner and make sure I don't go out of sight. I do the same. But you don't move too far.

And you LOVE your big sis. Boy do you love her. I feel safer this time around knowing there is ONE more person in the world that loves my baby to pieces--- she'll help take care of you. She is one killer big sister. She holds you, snuggles you, kisses you, makes you giggle in the car on cue when you're crying and I need her help, (but if I giggle too, she abruptly reminds me, "no Mom-- Stop laughing! Just Mila!" and then continues her magic on you... I'm not invited, it's sister-time. And I've never been so happy to be left out. I hope you take care of each other when you won't let me.

What did we do without you sweet Mila? We're so happy you were sent to us. -- Love Mama


Christin said...

I love, love, love that last picture. Man I wish you lived closer so you could get shots like that of my babes.


Missy said...

The "sister time" phrase Lillie. Yep, sort of made me choke up. And the one of them playing together? I AM dreaming of that day.

Darling girls. They look so different, but so much like sisters...

Lindsay & Weston said...

LOVE this post. I hope I was as nice of a big sis' to Sam as Sophia is to Mila. You have DARLING girls.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! I love it and she is Beautiful!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

I think mila looks like a little girl, not baby, with that pretty hair down! And I love the fish out of water shot...Annie's been doing that for weeks, and i've never though to take such a fun picture of it.

sigh. you're wonderful.

Anonymous said...

hi my friend, I am having on of those tender days where I just miss you, and need your kind example in my life. Are we going to see eachother in Provo? Like next weekish????
Love you,

Tara said...

Okay Lillie, you totally just made me cry. That is the sweetest letter ever. What a priceless gift for your daughters to have. And you are a very gifted writer. (While I FEEL lots of that for my daughter, I could never write it so beautifully...what a gift.)
I can't believe it's even possible for Mila to be 8 months old!

Kodi said...

I REALLY hope that last picture of your girls is getting blown up huge somewhere in your house. I just LOVE it. Those pictures of Mila are amazing. Really, you're good girl.

Rebecca said...

I can't help but imagine Mila reading this when she's older. Smiling and crying and LOVING that she got to be a Biesinger. She got Lillie for a mom and Ross for a dad and Sophia for a sister. I love your life Lillie.

Sarie said...

Have I really not commented on this one yet? I've seen it already and I still think all the photos are so perfect. Esp. the one of the two together. And you choked me up too. She's only 8 months old, and can you even imagine your life without her??