Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

In a nutshell: First, do you see what I see? Those amazing puffs of white in the sky? (Not really puffs... but we'll take what we can get.) If you do, than I don't need to tell you what a happy Saturday we had. Cleaning out the garage when it's 70 and breezy felt like a vacation. (Ok, well checking in every so often while Ross cleaned out the garage... whatever.) It was wonderful. I wish I had before and afters-- it's amazing. But I was too busy taking pictures of Sophia as Ross gave her one swift push up the driveway and she rode it back down. She could have done that all day long.

Two of my babes all dressed up for church. No talks this week. So another good day. Two down, one to go.

( Mila was ready to eat, hence the sad sad face. But I couldn't not snap one of those precious frowny eyes.)

And then we get a surprise call from Ian and Tere saying they're heading through town from Phoenix, and might like to stay over. Hooray!!! Second official house guests in our new guest room. I'm loving it.

And who can resist their camera when there's a newborn nearby. 4 weeks I think...??

She's not fully sitting up yet, still does the slow-mo "timber"... but lasting a little longer. And just getting more beautiful every day.

Wouldn't you agree?

We finished up the long weekend with a barbecue at my Dad's for lunch, and Kodi's for dinner.
Good food, killer company, incredible weather. All in all, it felt entirely holiday-ish. Happy late Memorial Day.


Lindsay & Weston said...

Sounds like a perfect 3-day weekend to me. We were out of town, which is also fun, but I love three days at home to do exactly what you did.

The pictures are great, as always. You have two beautiful little chicas.

Lacy said...

Thanks for the pictures- it is so good to "see" everyone and hear how they are doing! Your pictures are looking so good!

Nathan and Emily said...

You guys look amazing! You must be so happy for the heat reprieve!

Ryan said...

Hey there!!! LOOOONG time no see or talk! My cousin Jenie told me you moved into her ward and I almost fell out of my chair! Your family looks AMAZING! I'm sure Jenie told you I work for Pulte/DelWebb, doing there marketing so I'm out there all the time (yesterday in fact). I'd love to hear how you and your fam are doing. What are you doing out there..? Please feel free to blogstock us a We are expecting in Oct and are very excited. This is now too long and too public so I'll stop.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hey lovely lillie. glad to see a smiling picture of you in there too! Hooray! And really, aren't clouds just the bomb? I know you won't get a lot of them this summer, but I'm so glad you got to enjoy them a little at least.

Sarie said...

Not much to add, just to say that I love blogs because you can really photojournal and it's so fun to see and read at the same time. Your photos are gorgeous.

Kodi said...

Love those pictures and LOVED Memorial Day. Good food, and good company!