Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At Six months old...


- Smiling like crazy... with her mouth, her eyes, here nose, her forehead. EVERYTHING on Mila smiles when she smiles... I love it.
- Always making noise: humming, giggling, gasping, doing that funny sucking in thing while she smiles... like a form of laugh
-Spending a lot of time in the excersaucer and the Bumbo-- I don't know how I didn't need these the first time around but can't imagine life without them now!
- Always trying to get something in her mouth, and yet she refused to take a binky. I think she's teething, she's stuffing the whole bottom of her dress in her mouth as I type.
- Loving her big sister. Sophia can make her smile and laugh doing just about anything silly or nuzzling her face. They really are "playing" (if you can call it that when it involves a 6 month old) now, at least interacting and keeping each other company. I didn't expect any level of that until later, so I'm LOVING it.
- Drooling and blowing all sorts of spit bubbles like no body's business.
-Still spitting up like crazy. No I haven't cut the dairy yet. It doesn't seem to bother her, :) and apparently I'd rather stink of curdled spit-up all day than experience life without ice cream.
- Still sleeping pretty great at night. She'll go down before 7pm but she's up early now along with Sophia, (they both wake up at 6:00. :( ) She goes back down for a nap within an hour of that, but besides that one, her naps are really hard for me to be consistent with, since we have to get out of the house for Sophia. She takes a couple of little naps later in the day. Maybe only an hour each. Not loving that. It's getting harder and harder to time it so they might sleep at the same time. I really loved my breaks.
- Got the coolest hair.
- Usually got both hands up in the excersaucer and bumbo with "spirit fingers" going like mad. (Is that what they were called... fingers extended, wiggling rapidly?)
-Full of SO much light and happiness and exuberance and curiosity. I knew I loved babies but she has just hit a stage that I could not have possibly remembered how much I loved. If so I think I'd keep them coming so I'd always have one this age. She smiles at me and her eyes get big and SO happy, then she looks away really quick like she's shy and snuggles in my neck. I'm in love.

Six months really is SO fun. I think the first time around I was more anxious for everything, crawling, walking, etc... I thought of 8 months as the lift-off age. This time it feels like just before 6 months things got super fun. You just can't find much to be bummed out over when you've got a chubby, little, blue-eyed, mo-hawked angel, with one dimple grinning at you most the day.


koko bean..... said...

Lillie she is such a beauty... I can't wait till Macyn hits the six month mark (only a month away). I love to watch them eat baby food and learn new things. I love this stage too.. It is so much fun.

Holly said...

She is soo cute!! I can't believe she is 6 months old already. I love that they are happy, healthy, and growing so much, but part of me is meloncholy that the time slips away like it does. Why can't babies be babies just a little bit longer?

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Six months is my all-time favorite age because they can totally interact and respond, but they don't want to move off your lap yet. She is such a sweetie. I love her tuft of hair. That is great that her and Sophia are already showing signs of friendship. I heard you spoke about blogging in your talk on Sunday. That is awesome.

Lindsay & Weston said...

I LOVED 6 months. I'm loving 9 though, too. :)

There is no need to remove dairy from your diet if she's a happy spitter like Nate! :) I agree...a life without icecream would be AWFUL.

She's adorable. So cute and cuddly. I love the rolls.

Audry said...

At six months old....She is chunckier than my little 1 year old. I bet she weighs more too, or just as much. And she is very cute.

Sarie said...

She cannot get ANY cuter! Makes me so incredibly excited for my new one. Wow, that six months flew by!! I love the list of things that only a mom notices about her baby...

Carrie said...

Lillie...your kiddos are just gorgeous! I love all of the pictures you take! Hey you need to check out the last Oprah show or go online. It was on OCD and this guy looked like he could be your husbands twin!! I can't remember his name, but you could definitely pick him out of the 6 people. It was really weird. You'll have to tell me what you think!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

amen sister...I too am loving 6-7 months. I love the smiles..they just seem to always be there, maybe for us more than most because we're the mommies?

mine still hasn't slept through the night, but maybe i should appreciate her longer naps? thanks for the perspective.

the interaction with the older sibling is unexpectedly fabulous, isn't it? annie will sit longer when she is watching zane.

love that they both have one dimple. love that I get to share each stage with a mommy who explains it all so perfectly. :)

and last of all, LOVE THE MOHAWK!

Missy said...

Ok, so I've been wanting to vacation out at a desert pool and have Devin play golf and me relax by the pool with Avery for a while, but I sort of selfishly want to come out there just to see this sweet angel and I won't even care if she spits up tons of milk on me either. Soon, Lillie, soon.