Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's so hard to say goodbye.

I'm already feeling it. The post-holiday-depression. This was my weekend. Our anniversary just barely behind us, and my birthday and Mother's Day just a day apart. Ross treated me like a queen all weekend. A doughnut in bed on Friday (he knew I was going to breakfast with friends so he kept it light and healthy :)) Then dinner at Roy's, WHICH I've decided is definitely one of my favorite restaurants. If you have one near you, the Butterfish--- it's amazing. It's the kind of meal where I was already craving it again, as the waiter took my plate, which I so femininely left one reasonably sized bite on. I mean really, the portions... just too big for my appetite, I could only eat like 9/10ths of it. I could see it in his eyes, he thought me so delicate. Even though my pile of Edamame (sp?) was noticeably taller than Ross'. (I hate how you have to leave evidence on your own plate. And you can't scrunch them up and hide them in your purse like candy wrappers.)

So anyway, Roy's on Friday night for my birthday, sushi for appetizer, butterfish for dinner, and the flour-less souffle for dessert. I was just the right level of famished beforehand. Way beyond the right levels of full after, but It WAS the perfect dinner. I love birthdays. I love how the bill doesn't count toward the going-out budget, and the calories just don't count at all. Don't forget... the butterfish.

Oh and when I came downstairs Friday morning, my kitchen table boasted the box with the remaining Bristol Farms doughnuts, a couple of cards and a perfect square box all wrapped up. Inside of which was THIS!!!!!!!!!

He got it. The lens. Long story short, it's a big deal. And I really didn't expect it. NO I still don't know what I'm doing with this camera, but I have stalked Allie's blog enough to know I want whatever she's got. And then to have it confirmed by Sarah... well I'm convinced that now I really do JUST need to actually learn stuff and practice. Perhaps the camera manual to start. But I GOT the tools. At f/1.4, this lens has such a wide aperture, I can capture so much more light (especially since we specifically chose our house as to avoid the sun in this hot place) without, of course, using that blasted flash. And with such a short depth of field, it does an extra good job at the whole 'one thing in focus, the rest out of focus' thing. Allie calls it Bokeh. I may regret admitting I have this new lens, like my pictures should get better, but I'm pretty sure they won't for a really long time. So please no expectations. Just SUPER excited to have the tools. Thank you Ross!!!!!! I got other great stuff from family and friends I didn't take pictures of.... THANKYOU all!

But as for things I did take pictures of, Mother's day consisted of breakfast in bed, these lovely tulips (I'm LOVING tulips these days, they're like the happiest flower in the world... once they get enough water in their stems and they stand up of course), the new book by Stephanie Meyer, I don't know anything about it but am super excited for a new fun book to read. And this very un-photogenic brownie from the ward. yum.

It also consisted of just a happy happy Sunday with the most generous husband ever. SO excited for an excuse to serve. He is an example to me of how to really treat someone like royalty. Seriously, today, a queen. I love him.
And it's mother's day. Let me confess that sometimes, I complain. I think it's hard to stay home with two little kids. I think 2 1/2 is a really trying age. I think being yelled at for a majority of the day can wear on you... more than a little bit. I think not having a completely routine and scheduled life like you did before children has some major challenges. But there are at least a handful of moments every day that feel just like these pictures look. And for those, and the crazy moments, I am SO grateful to be a mother. I have never had so much feeling. They come together you know? The good with the bad. But how wonderful to feel so much because of these little spirits. I wouldn't trade lives with a real queen.

Did you notice the undies. Yup. It's true.
That one's recent but I've failed to mention:
--- Binky bye bye - check
--- Crib bye bye - check
--- Diaper bye bye- check (ok not at night but still)

Far too much for one post. If you've hung in this far you deserve a treat. Have some virtual brownie, un-photogenic but super good.


Nathan and Emily said...

I had no idea what an amazing photographer you were becoming. Your lighting is amazing, your images make the mundane (i.e. un-photographic brownies) look beautiful. Wow. I am so impressed.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary, and Happy Mother's Day! Wow, what a weekend for you. I am salivating just reading about your yummy meal at Roys. We love that place too. Your house is beautiful! congrats on the potty training and other huge accomplishments!
I think being a mother is so rewarding because the hard times make the good times seem so much sweeter.
miss you guys!

Mrs. Organic said...

Lovely pics! I'm so jealous of her being in the undies stage (I'm certain our diapers phase will last forever).

Lowdogg said...

So where's my brownie?

Brandon or Michelle. said...

happiest of birthdays, my lillie friend. beautiful life, beautiful pics. I'm so glad you got over sickness LAST weekend, and could just enjoy this one to its fullest. hooray for ross, hooray for lenses, hooray for undies and baby cheeks, hooray.

beware of lots of voice mails..I'm IN THE MOOD.

Rebecca said...

Wow. I'll say the same thing I'm saying to all women who got spoiled this week: can you bring these things up around Levi?

Sarie said...

SHUT UP. Your photos are amazing! I can tell a HUGE difference. That lens is great, the photos are way sharper and they still have that great Lillie talent tacked onto them.

alliehoopes said...

I don't know any songs for I'm-so-happy-for-ya-because-I-know-how-excited-I-was but if I did I'd be singin it.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's day, Happy Anniversary!!! You really get hit all at once. Great summation of mothering little ones. You really are my favorite read, mainly because you are real. I love Roy's too.

Lindsay & Weston said...

Happy Weekend! Good job Ross for doing such a great job with three holidays right in a row. :)

You learning all this new stuff with your camera makes me feel really LAMO for not figuring it out on mine. I've only had mine for 5 YEARS, not 5 MONTHS like you and you're already ahead of me!

When we finally get to visit in person, you can show me all you know.

Lauren said...

First off: You look stunningly beautiful in that picture with Ross, but you always look like that. Secondly, I love your pictures with your new lens. Very nice. Third: Your girls are so dang cute. I love Sophia's pantied bum. Happy birthday, happy Mday, and happy anniversary. :)

Erin Marriott said...

Ohmygosh! I totally forgot to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And I seriously woke up on Friday and told myself to not forget to call or email you or something. I can't believe it. May 9th is permanantly tatood in my head...I mean I've known you since we were 7?!! I'm so sorry. I'm glad you had a good birthday, and anniversary, and mother's day. May is your big month. And I'm all about your camera. That might need to go on the 'wish' list. Hooray for potty training, no binkis, and no crib! Wow, what a month for you! I'm so sorry about your birthday. I've gotta call you. And your house? Beautiful.

Missy said...

Ok so now I want this coveted lense by all the "real" photographers out there. Hmm...thanks for the tips. Like you go to your friend Allie, I look to you:)

May is such a great month for you: birthday, anniversary, mother's day?! Could it get any better? Not even Christmas can compare b/c you are guaranteed beautiful weather and it all centered around you!

Oh and you have a Roy's out there? It's only the "to die for" restaurant on my list. The flourless soufle dessert is heaven. Every bite of it.

VERN said...

Happy Birthday, Mother's Day, and Anniversary! What a stressful month for Ross :)
I'm a bit jealous on the potty training. It's just not happening in Casa Sickenberger. *HUGH SIGH*
I'd love to do lunch one day so I can squeeze the baby! Oh and if you ever decide you want to try a martini, Roys has the best ones! Oddly enough, I've made friends with the bartender. Go figure. :)

Kodi said...

What a cute picture of you guys at Roy's. Glad you were able to celebrate with NO MORE sickness. Way to go on the potty thing Super Mom (you made it look SO easy!). Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, they are amazing! Happy Birthday, I am glad that you had a great day and it continued through to your Anniversary, and Mother's day!

Anonymous said...

This is too weird. A while back I simply googled a playlist with "Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg only to land on your blog. Then one day I came back to listen, only to find beautiful pictures of your little ones. I also have two little ones (boys) that are definately my canvas in life. I would like to thank you for posting your public blog... I laugh, and sometimes almost cry, but mostly I like to read your description of motherhood, view your beautiful photos and decorating style. I too, just celebrated a birthday on Friday (O.K. so that is why I think this is weird) and finally got my Nikon D40. My husband said he hasn't seen me this in love since our children were born. I will definately be stopping by more often to see what photo tips you and Allie Hoopes have. On that note, hope you had a wonderful Birthday and Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Just want to clarify my comment above. My husband hasn't seen me this in love "with my camera" since our children were born. Didn't want you to think I'm one of those crazy people that post nasty comments. :)

Christin said...

Happy EVERYTHING> Holy cow what a post. Cute kids.


Jenie said...

I'm feeling pretty bad that we actually saw you on Saturday and didn't even wish you a Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend with tons going on! Congrats on your new lens; looking forward to even more wonderful pictures. I'm just wondering how much better they can get. You're doing great with all of your accomplishments; we're working on the binky one this week so wish us luck! I am going to just go to naps and bedtime so it's not a final thing, but we're cutting back. Still wish us luck. :) Loved your post!