Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In San Diego:

I got to meet Baby Dane, Ian and Teresita's newest angel. Of course I went a little crazy with the camera, regardless of the crappy light.

This is his older brother Cannon... I know right? He's beautiful.

A moment captured where Sophia really did want to take care of her sick little sister. Did I mention this stomach flu nightmare hit all of us.... accept for Ross of course, since he dodged it by heading to the East Coast for work the day it all started. Zero resentment. Something about bacon ... home .... yada yada.

I watched Byron and Kim's kids while they were at the Kentucky Derby... which really means I stayed in their gorgeous house while their kids entertained my sick Sophia and I raided their "goodwill" closet. Thanks Kim. :)
This little 9 year old guy is the sweetest big cousin there ever was.

Chloe in front: future Mia Ham. Really. I had no idea what 8-year-olds these days could do.

Melisa came down to play for the day on Thursday which meant Soren's crazy was entertained by Heath's crazy and Mel and I got a little more peace. :) These have got to be two of the coolest 5 year olds on the street. ("Depending on the street."... Flight of the Conchords anybody? forget it.)

Nana holding the very green Mila after a bout of the vomits. :( So sad. I'd never experienced a baby vomiting. So sad.
Not pictured: mega trip to Ikea for odds and ends for the house. VERY successful. :) Between that spree and Kim's linen closet, I've got projects-a-plenty for a while. Lots to be posted. :)
Overall... well I want to say it was a fun trip. But it was a little more "surviving", since I was still feeling gnarly, and Sophia and Mila were both throwing up. I'm just so grateful I was there, where my mom and Kirk would come home from work at night instead of home... since Ross was across the country. There really is nothing like going home. It seems as I get older and older it doesn't get more distant, just more familiar. The smell, the colors, the sound of the birds through every window (since you actually open windows in SD), the aged, green backyard, the old-school garage door that opens and closes like a big violent castle door. I luuuuuuv it. So yeah, I guess regardless of the midnight clean-ups, it was fun.
Oh and for our anniversary... we saw Made of Honor (we sort of ran out of time for the Romantic dinner). Don't see it. Booo. If you want to see Patrick Dempsy just watch Enchanted for like the 6th time. SOOO much better.


alliehoopes said...

[GASP!] This was becoming one of those posts I just scroll down through to look at the pretty pictures. Just more of a post you'd appreciate reading if you knew the people, you know? Until suddently my eyes happened upon a few very familiar words. I SO did not know you were a FOTC person...did I? No...I don't think so. But I love it. You COULD be a part time model. Assuming you were planning on keeping your normal job. I think I need to go research when season 2 is starting. That made me happy. Bowie's in space happy. One more reference....time to go make dinner. What am I cooking? I'm making a lasagna....for one. Now that everyone thinks I'm nutso I might as well go do my year 2000 dance. The robo-boogie, that is.

Erin said...

Lillie, we totally shared THE SAME week, right down to our computer issues!! That was pretty funny. Well not really at the time, but now that the hubbies are home and kids are feeling better, I guess I can sort of laugh about it now. You're right, if we could only be neighbors...:) Anyway, glad you got to spend time with your family and that you could sort of have a break. Curious about your Ikea finds...do post.

Lacy said...

Thanks for all the pictures Lil. I can't believe how Byron's kids are growing up so fast and Ian has two little boys! Dane is tiny and so beautiful! Thanks again for posting all the pictures. I almost felt like we were there and my crazy Joseph could be compared to Soren and Heath! Love you and I am so sorry you guys were so sick!

Melissa said...

Lillie, Erin Marriott, my cousin's wife mentioned you had a Nikon D40 and that I should look at your blog. Your pictures are beautiful. Just wondering what lens' you use? Do you shoot mostly with the 18-55 or the 55-200 or some other lens. I'm still debating which one(s) to get. You can post our blog if needbe. clevengerfamily.blogspot.com. Thanks. Melissa

Lindsay & Weston said...

A baby barfing is TERRIBLE. I've experienced that one, too. My thoughts are with you!

Glad you at least got to be home. I know exactly what you mean every time I walk in to my parent's house WEEKLY. :) There's just a sense of calm and familiarness!

Great photos, by the way.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Lillie, my poor,poor Lillie. You have had enough vomiting in your life. Time to move on. (If only it were that easy.) All I can say is that no matter what you will get for Mother's Day this year, it is not enough. Stay strong. Count your blessings. And know that you are loved.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

beautiful pictures! I love how even though you are TRYING TO TELL ME YOU HAD A ROTTEN WEEK, I still sigh and say, "oh to have lillie's life. bliss." :) it must have something to do with those gorgeous pictures, beautiful children (LOVE the sisters shot with sophia and mila!) and your great writing. :) can hardly wait to talk.

Missy said...

I have the D40 and no, the gift was not a new lense. As much as I wish I was into being a "real" photographer like you, I'm not. I just wanted a good little SLR and the D40 fit all the things I wanted.

Your nephews are DARLING and I love their names and could your mom look anymore like Lacy in that last photo? Gorgeous.