Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So besides Sophia's less than ideal sleeping patterns, and a slight injury, Provo was, as always, so fun. One of the perks of Ross' dad owning a car lot is that we get to drive fun, new cars the whole time we're there. He brought home this cute red mini for us to take on our date Wednesday night and Sophia loved it. She tried to take my spot but we were able to pry her out of the car and into her Grandparent's arms so we could head out on our hot date to see Stardust. (Loved it.) Thank you Nana and Grandpa B. for babysitting!

On our date, (last time, btw I wear non-maternity jeans with the rubber band around the button- I was so uncomfortable the whole time as my belly/gravity forced them down all night), the nice overweight guy at American Pie (the new Pizza Pipeline) and the girl at the drive thru for The Malt Shoppe ( I told you, hot date) who "drinks a root beer shake every night with her boyfriend" asked Ross with a little too much enthusiasm... "Is this your car?"... I think they were both flirting with him. My huge belly and undersized jeans must have made me incredibly un-intimidating.

Could Sophia be any more in love with her Grandpa? No. She really is a man's girl. She loves to cuddle with her grandpa and always runs to her uncle Zach... until she sees her dad elsewhere and realizes that's not him. :)

And they really came!!! They made the six hour drive from Boise like it was nothing (it would kill me) and we got to spend a couple of days with John, Marnie, and baby MAC at Ross' folk's house. Even through John being sick and passed out for part of it, and my becoming an invalid after slipping in a puddle at Day's Market and spraining my pubic bone?? (Too much information?), hanging out with them was perfect. Definitely haven't skipped a beat. Thanks for wheeling me to the bathroom on the office chair on my crippled morning Marnie. Oh we've missed you guys. And Marion is perfect and aDORable and chubby and all John right now... it seems you guys have been parents forever. You make it look blissful just like I knew you would. This picture of Marnie was in Children's Place-- something spilled in my purse and I was making sure my camera still worked. I'm glad I did. It's my only proof we even saw them. I wasn't really on point with the picture taking this trip.

Between conference sessions on Saturday, we escaped to the Clean Flicks sale for some $8 movies. They made it a party with food and music which was smart, because as Sophia danced her heart out to "she's got ruby red lips blonde hair blue eyes...." and stuffed her face with peanut butter cookies, we were able to buy far more movies than planned. Some I'm super excited for: Amelie, Flags or our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Knocked Up (should I be embarrassed about that one?)We’ll see which ones were major mistakes.

Good food, GREAT company, one of the comfiest homes I know, cold weather :):):):), high thread-count sheets, a discounted maternity MASSAGE thanks to Jill, (thank you Jill! How great are you? I wish I'd gotten to know you when we had time at BYU), a husband who essentially carried me around for a night and got me dressed while I couldn't and got up in the middle of the night to put a towel under me after my frozen veggies had melted into an ice cold puddle, in-laws who served me icecream while I was planted into a couch I couldn't dare rise from, and major BYU nostalgia. It was all I could have asked for.


Lindsay & Weston said...

oh, the memories at BYU. Totally forgot about Pizza Pipeline...they are responsible for 10 of my "freshman 20"! Glad you had a good time and I hope you're doing OK! Sounds painful.

You are SO FAR along in your pregnancy....I couldn't even come close to putting my normal jeans on even with a rubberband! I'm impressed.

Missy said...

I love BYU memories. I've only been back once, but I sort of wish I had more family there that necessitated it. It's so fun to go back right??

I'm SO SO sorry to hear that you had a spill and sprained your pubic bone(?!). Holy smokes Lil, did you make it to the doctor to make sure the baby was ok and everything?

Sounds like your Utah trip was full of adventures. And I'm with Lindsay, you can still put your normal jeans on when you are a mere 4 weeks away from delivering??

I could comment forever, but I'll end with that the red car is so cute and I love Sophia's expression in the picture.

Lowdogg said...

Is frozen veggies a euphemism?

Lacy said...

So great to hear about more adventures in Lillie's life! Do you ever stay home anymore!!! Just kidding- there is no better time to stay busy with family and friends than during pregnancy. I'm sure it has made it go by much faster, for you and Sophia. I can't believe how soon this baby will be coming - yeah!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

my goodness, you didn't even MENTION your ouch when you talked about adventures with sophia, did you? This is just the icing on the cake, isn't it?

So glad you still had some wonderful times with Ross and dear friend Marnie..those are just spirit lifters, although I admit to being comPLETEly jealous and annoyed about being on bed rest a mere 4 hours away..someday we will meet again! :)

an email is on the way!

The rlmmmmcaress Family: said...

Between your post and lowdogg's comment, I don't think I will ever look at frozen veggies the same way.

I am glad you are traveling now because d-day is on its way. And that car was sooo cute. If only you could get babies in and out easy.

S.A.S. said...

Lil, are you ok?! Ack, I was very nervous after you carefully avoided the word FELL, and echo Missy's questions - did you hit hard? Are you walking around fine yet? Did it hurt to drive home?
Sophia is such a little girl. I actually thought it looked like a mini you on Grampa's lap.. makes sense that she takes to men that look like Ross.

The mini looks like a blast! There is a perfect white-washed brick 2 story house with ivy that I love by us, and parked in the driveway is a red mini. I've always wanted to get in it. Are they really as roomie as everyone says?

So glad you got to see Marnie! Real friends drive (or fly) to see their friends, and kudos to Marnie and fam for proving it. I bet you had the best time together.

Trust me, pregnant belly and all you are a very intimidating strikingly beautiful speciman and need not worry about the Malt Shoppe drive-through girl. I'm sure she's a nice girl, and dating an I.S. major who lives at the Brittany. She just wants your life.

Well don't we all, Miss Malt Shoppe, don't we all...

Jill said...

Lillie, I can't believe you fell and hurt your tail bone. I am truly sad for you, but in love with your ability to laugh and find the good in your trip. It was great to chat with you in the bathroom!

Kodi said...

LOVE Sophia's sweater. Too cute. Glad that the trip had some really fun moments. I had also forgotten about Pizza Pipeline and their famous tricky sticks. I seriously could have (probably did) eaten the whole thing myself! Yum! That was one of the ONLY positive things of living in the dorms where I did. Have I told you about my crazy roomates? I have two words for you. . .shaved head.

Becky Freestone said...

sophia is so cute. i love her sweater with the butterfly. i miss the malt shoppe so much. i hope you ate a good shake for me.

Lowdogg said...

The frozen veggies line makes me giggle. I think about the Toucan's Fruit loops, or Lucky's Lucky Charms.

Holly said...

Seriously Lillie...nearly peed my pants laughing when I read this. It was all just so real that it was terribly funny. You made me very nastalgic for Utah though!! I want Cafe Rio, and Nielsons Frozen Custard. I want to walk around Temple Square in the snow. SaLaVie.

Rebecca said...

I want you to put a picture of the two of you in Provo on your sidebar. I read posts like this and sincerely think, "Venice, Florence, Provo..." The Utah is a tough act to beat. Okay, I'm going to email you right now.