Monday, October 01, 2007

In Mourning

Is it really all over? I never did the Harry Potter thing so I'm not used to having to wait around all anxious and desperate for the next one to be written. This will not be fun. She is writing more right? And how am I supposed to keep myself motivated at the gym? My work-outs on the Elliptical went from a very "efficient" 25 minutes to about an hour while I had these books to read. And for those of you scratching your heads, yes I've still gained 30 pounds. Don't ask. Maybe it has something to do with the never-ending frozen cookie dough balls I've had in my freezer.

So Ross and I were arguing the other night (and I think I might take full responsibility this time, I'm pretty sure the pregnancy hormones are working their black magic on me this time around) and I finally said:

"I just wish you could love me regardless of when I'm stupid or rude or in the wrong-- like Edward does Bella."
Ross: "Huh?"
Me: "The vampire in my book-- he's so in love with her he can NEVER get mad at her- just wants her to be happy and safe above all."
Ross: looks at me like I'm crazy
Me: "She's human you know? So she does all sorts of stupid human things, and he's perfect. And regardless of what she does, he sees the reason and doesn't get mad, mostly takes the blame on himself."
Ross: "So you want me to be like the vampire in your high-school, fictional love story and never get mad and always take the blame, even when you're mean and irrational and wrong?"
Me: "Exactly."
Why can't they all be like Edward?

I'm kidding Ross, I totally visualize you when I read about Edward anyway... but since Ross doesn't act, who do you think they'll cast in the movie?

I have to admit I've been thinking Clark Kent on Smallville even though he doesn't do movies. And I'm not even a fan of the show. But we used to watch it off and on, and he feels like Edward to me. Wholesome, good, handsome and strong but humble. Well Edward's not quite as humble... but old fashioned... and of course full of super-human strength. I know he should have lighter hair... but that can be fixed.

I also love Ryan Gosling even though I didn't think he was anything to look at until I watched the Notebook. But he pulled it off in there... became cuter and cuter with every scene. I think he could do beautiful vampire.

If you haven't read Eclipse and you might-- you may want to skip the remainder of the post--
So I really did love the books... but the main disappointment in the last two books? TOO MUCH JACOB! I get it that he saved her during a bad time and left a lasting impression. I get it that perhaps sometimes the human traits are comforting (the warmth and softness etc...) But he's still a gawky little teenage kid compared to the far-beyond-human... FAR-beyond-teenager Edward. He can't compete. He can be her friend but "best friend" is too much for me let alone another love! I mean if Edward and Bella's love is really supposed to be so intense, so beyond this world, where neither one seems to even have a say in the matter, and where Bella should give up her Eternity for one as a vampire, then Bella is not supposed to struggle with the same silly feelings the rest of us humans (who didn't have a sparklng-skinned, topaz-eyed vampire in our lives) struggled with in High School. "Can I love two people at once??" Not when one is Edward. Come on Bella.


Rebecca said...

No Lillie--no way on earth Ryan Gosling could be Edward. And don't forget, he's white. Really white. Pasty white. I don't know why everyone forgets that when they day dream about Edward. Don't you think it's a little bit creepy? And, remember how I said I wasn't a big fan of the books? You left, I got sick (I think you and I had the same thing) and I read the whole thing without getting of bed for breaks. Oops.

Lowdogg said...

Very passionate response. Now you understand my Harry Potter problem when we were at the beach.
Ross' response was awesome.
The author actually has some ideas of her own for casting on her website.

VERN said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to give in and read the series. I want to know what I'm missing out on.

Kjerstin said...

Hi Lillie, I'm a friend of Michelle's and I just read your blog. I totally agree about the whole Jacob situation. It bugged me the entire book (I'm still a little irritated; I just finished it Saturday). If you're once-in-a-lifetime in love with someone, how could you love a fifteen year old goofball, too? I started to wonder about my maturity level when I realized these books were meant for teenagers, but in the last three days I've heard TWO women who are older than me say they want to get "Edward" tattooed somewhere on their bodies (I was afraid to ask where).

I hope it was okay to comment even though we haven't met. Michelle thinks you're so wonderful, so I feel like I know you a little bit. Have a great (vampire-book free) day!

Watts Family said...

I have to agree with the anti-ryan comment... he's way to, umm soft and dainty looking. Cute is not an adjective for Edward... So I heard that the next book is going to be written like Jacob is writing it, which I find a huge bummer. I just want to find out if Bella becomes a vampire and if she and Edward consumate their relationship. I am really immature huh... The books are really addicting but when I read them I can feel my IQ pionts dropping.

C said...

Lillie, you sound just like me when I got hooked on a series of books, now there are six in my favorite series and every time I got new ones, I would start over with the first one (which I've read about 4 times now) until I got to the end of the last one...right now I am halfway through book 5 with the 6th and final waiting patiently on the bookshelf...lucky for me, there is also a spin off series, so I can start on them when I'm through!

C said...

sorry Lillie "c" is Chauna...I don't know why I have it like that...I guess that's something I need to fix :-)

Kodi said...

Wish I had something to say about the vampires. I guess you really just have to read it because to be honest, it kind of creeps me out! Anyways really just wanted to say HI! By the way everyone LOVES the cookies at my house. Thanks.

Becky Freestone said...

you can't do that to me, write about the next book and not expect me to be so tempted to read it. i am still reading twilight. the others are coming to intrude on their baseaball game. i am so scared for bella. when do the movies come out? that will be so fun. isn't it wierd we like these books so much. i am like you, i never read any of the harry potter books either. somehow these ones seem different.

chloe elizabeth said...

This just made me laugh. Ross is awesome.

Anyway, I have read them all and was totally hooked, but I don't love Edward and Bella's relationship anymore. I understand it's not of this world, but it's so intense, so obsessive, so not healthy. And, I just can't imagine kissing a stone.

I'm torn.

Lindsay & Weston said...

I need to read New Moon & Eclipse....I just need to find the time! :)

Do you watch "So you think you can dance?" We had this conversation at book club last month and someone brought up Neil. He is pretty close to the pasty white and has a great smile...good body....etc. ??

I laughed at your conversation with Ross. I had the same thought....even though our husbands are wonderful!

Sarie said...

Oh I knew Rebecca would come around. The relief washes over me like a flood.
And I agree wholeheartedly. With everything you said. I love this series so much, S. Meyer knows how to weave a tale.

Crazy Lifferths said...

I just finished and couldn't agree with you more!! I was yelling at Bella while reading it to just get over it!! What the heck?! Now I need the fourth one to come out NOW!!

Maggie said...

this is like the 10 billionth time i have read that this book series is awesome. *sigh* off to add it to my mammoth reading list.

Lacy said...

Hey Lillie- I am so late finishing these books but I needed to leave a comment. At first- probably in book two I really resisted the whole Jacob connection. AND some of her decisions in book three were kind of unbelievable to me- given the other worldly connection between her and Edward. But, once she realizes that she loves him (Jacob) her relationship with him becomes much more real than the one with Edward. It is hard for me to get over Edward's stone cold body. OR maybe I just find it so cheesy the way the author writes about their relationship and the small kisses and caresses here and there. Maybe I just prefer the kiss you against your will and hold you close against your will, and snuggle with you in your sleeping bag to keep you alive much more sexy. In any case, I was bawling when she had to tell him she loved him but that she had chosen Edward.

Did you notice or find it annoying that every man that is supposed to be attractive and masculine is a giant and every woman/girl is tiny and appears to be helpless? Sorry but annoying and unrealistic.