Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our tough girl

Ross put a rub-on tatoo on her arm when we ate at Islands the other night... it's been through like six baths and hasn't budged. I thought I might be mad at first.... but I think it's pretty cute. (To the future Sophia: cute refers to the temporary, rub-on tatoos only.)

Yesterday morning we enjoyed swimming in a gorgeous new neighborhood pool in a development where a friend just moved. Now we're off to the weekly pool day. It really is the only way to survive the summer here. We tried to go to a park in the afternoon yesterday and after about 15 minutes in the 115 degree heat, two sets of bright red cheeks, and an onset of lethargy.... we dragged ourselves to the air-conditioned car and made our way to the indoor McDonald's playground where we were both terrified by big 12 year olds running around the play structure like a herd of elephants. I was even more terrified at the realization that I'd succumbed to feeding my daughter nothing but french fries and lemonade for dinner. But I felt so bad for the heat stroke I'd put her through just moments before, all I wanted to do was make her happy. Sigh. Dreaming of that day when we wake up with dew on our plants outside.... (our then live plants.)


Lowdogg said...

Its very cute. Her hair is really long.

I've wanted to have Joseph be a pirate for Halloween and use his scar to make a big anchor tattoo.

So far he's been a cuddly bear and a cuddly dragon.

Lindsay & Weston said...

Love Sophia's outfit....and tattoo. :)

The rlmmmmcaress Family: said...

Stalker Lisa here. I cannot get enough of her funny laugh today at the pool. She looks so calm in the picture . . . such a little lady, even with a tattoo.

Missy said...

I was going to say her hair is long! I have to say that I love that I've seen her grow (via the blog and only a few times in person). She used to have NO hair and now she is wearing pigtails.

Love it.