Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our House

(Completely unrelated to the rest of my post... just enjoying a cute photo of my little girl-- I found her in her room "reading" A Whale Tale, one of her favorites. Pretty darn cute.)

Back to the title of the post...it's on the market! Probably one of the worst markets possible for selling a house out here... but it's on it, nonetheless. We're not totally desperate since, no, we're not going anywhere. So if it takes a year, it takes a year. We just figured that if we wanted to upgrade any time soon, which we do, we needed to get the ball rolling now. The whole thing is a little more exciting than I expected, and even though the average house sits on the market for over 200 days before selling, I just know, of course, that someone is going to knock on my door tomorrow and love it and buy it. So I'm keeping it very clean... we'll see how long that lasts. How on earth do you keep your house ready to show for 200+ days living with a toddler?? Maybe I'll learn some really good habits for the next house.


Brandon or Michelle. said...

oh my goodness! Congratulations! now, how do we go online and look at it? are there pictures?

I have NO ideas for how to keep it clean enough to show. throw away everything, maybe. but you seem to not have a lot of extra junk, so you're probably good!

good luck good luck. :) AND cutest picture of your reading gal. it gets even cuter when you hear them in there "reading" it aloud. :)

Lindsay & Weston said...

How exciting...and overwhelming at the same time! I don't think I could keep my house clean enough to show without a toddler! A friend of mine recently did this with two little ones running around and she had a designated place where everything could go when someone called to look at it. She got to be pretty good about wiping everything down and getting everything clean within 15 minutes. Not sure what I'd do with just a random drop in!

Did you list it through a realtor or For Sale by Owner?

Love the photo of Sophia. How adorable.

Denae said...

Very cute picture. And it is exciting to put your house up for sale! I hope it goes quick for you guys. When we did it I just kept a few empty bins on hand and when someone would call I would throw all the toys laying around in the bins. But is is alot of work keeping it clean. Good luck!

Laci and the Girls said...

Oh Lillie, let me just tell you....we're going on 3 months with our house on the market and we've been having "lookers" almost daily! IT'S THE PITS!!!! 4 active chickadees makes it way hard to keep perfect....I've made great efforts so hopefully it'll sell soon. GOOD LUCK!!!

Sarah said...

How exciting! I admit though, it makes me SAD. I LOVE your house! I love that I saw it in its beginning stages and loved it, but NOW you've added so much of your own love, sweat and handiwork.. how can you leave? I want to see the new b&w kitchen, the painted walls, the bedrooms... looks like I better plan a Cali trip sooner than later. Within 200 days huh?

Keep the price high for a bit, you're in no hurry. So exciting Lil!

Missy said...

This is SUCH exciting news Lillie! I love it. And your attitude that it's ok if it takes a year, you guys are paving the way (for more growth, which is a good thing!). Fun for you guys.

How darling is that photo of Soph? She's so cute in her little tanks.

Missy said...

Are you putting your house up for sale and looking for homes in SD? Tell me it's so.

Rebecca said...

Lillie, this is way too grown up of you! It's hard to believe I have friends who own property let alone are in the "upgrade" phase. What?! I love it though. I bet yours goes in 150 days. It's just that with those white cabinets in the kitchen, and all those Lillie charms, it won't last nearly as long. yay!