Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day... to my sweet husband

To: Daddy
From: Sophia (and Mommy)

(So the song doesn't really make sense. But I've yet to find a great daddy/daughter love song. I just wasn't feeling "Butterfly Kisses." So enjoy the melody and if you get creative... some interpretations could make sense for when she gets older.)

Happy Father's Day Ross... I figured you could never see too many pictures of you and Sophia loving life together. You really are a superb father. We love you.


Lacy said...

As always you made me want to cry. Beautiful! And Sophia looks more and more like you.

Lindsay & Weston said...

Love the video of Ross and his adorable daughter. Great idea for fathers day.

Sarah said...

Lil - you HAVE to teach me how to be more tech savvy. I loved this, and my imagination totally lent itself to the lyrics making sense for daddy/daughter (plus I just LOVE that song). Beautiful idea and what a great dad Ross is. My fav pics were when he's holding her in the black hat, when he's showing her how to drive her toy car, and when she's sitting on his lap at the office. I even just showed my boss a few seconds of it (he's going to be a first-time grandpa in August:)

Love you and told everyone about my excitement for September while I was in NYC this weekend. The city can't wait to meet you!

Lizzie said...

I love it Lillie. I am so sad I can't make those anymore. I think I'll just go get another program at Costco. I cleaned out ALL my computer stuff and still can't find the code. The video is sooo cute. How did Ross react?

Lillie said...

You know Ross, Lizzie, he cried like a baby. That's why I did it. :)

Ben and Marie said...

Stunning. I love Nicklecreek. Another beautiful Daddy/Child song that Ben recently introduced to me is Richard Marx's "Angel Lullaby". about waterworks!