Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's Back on the Calendar

It's scheduled- and it feels so good! Rescheduling my cancelled April trip to DC has been a bit challenging what with the juggling of my schedule, Sarah's, and Lizzie's (who's watching Sophia the days I'm gone.) Not to mention the attempt to use the Delta credit I have from the cancelled trip, for a price within decent range of it. Nonetheless... I did it. September 12-17th. Flying to DC, toddler free (of course I'll miss her to PIECES), almost 30 weeks pregnant, to spend a couple of days there and then a couple in NYC with SARAH!!!!! I've never been to either city and feel a little less American because of it. Thank you, Sarah for living in such a fabulous place and making time to show it all to me!! I'm counting down the days...


Sarah said...

Not only did you find an outstanding picture of the WWII Memorial (one of my favorites, and a perfect stroll between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial), but you are also going to BE THERE! IN PERSON!

Elated isn't even the word. I'm so excited to see you in your cute pregnant state, on the East Coast. We'll give NYC and DC a run for their money. Oh bliss, you're coming!

My roommate Leanna, when I told her the news said, "Finally! I've been waiting to meet her." Missy in July and Lillie in September... Hooray for trek-making kindreds!

Lindsay & Weston said...

Lillie....you will have such a fabulous time. #1: You'll be with Sarah #2: You are going to two of the best cities in the country! And September seems like a great time of year to go, too. You will have a great time...I'm definitely jealous! While I've been to DC a few times, it was when I was a teenager so I didn't appreciate it as much as I would now.

Very cool. Glad it's rescheduled.