Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Hats to Words

Can't ever get her to keep her own on in the sun,
but mom's hats in the house... apparently way more fun.

She's 22 months on monday, so close to 2! Here are some of her favorite words right now:

-Hi, Bye Bye, Mommy, Daddy (Dad),“where’d _____ go?”, “there it is”, uh oh, oh no, wow, woah, wee! (These are the old-pro ones she's been saying for a while... the following are with a little bit newer confidence.)

-Shark (today for the first time but really clear) , Duck (especially Donald), Dog, Bird, Mouse (Mickey), Sheep, Pig, Ball, Tree, Car, Plane, Choo choo (as in trains, but she hasn't said train yet, she usually does it when she sees a truck- hasn't said truck either, calls it a car, and then does the hand motion and the "choo choo"... I don't know, but it's pretty cute), Balloons (aboons), Bike (after she calls it a car and I correct her), Shoe (usually wants them put on and taken off, no where in-between, like perhaps on her feet), Star, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Toes, Cheese (only says it for cheddar, suddenly over the cheese sticks after my last stock up from Costco- of course), Apple (appy), Eggs (with surprising enthusiasm, even after I started sneaking in the spinach, thank you Missy),Berries (followed by a very smily "mmmmmm"), Show (usually in a very desperate voice with puppy dog eyes pointing at the TV... sigh, what have I done?)

It's true what they say, it seemed like one day she decided she'd finally give us the pleasure of hearing some of the MANY things she was busy storing away in her mind. It is SO fun to realize how MUCH she understands and what a smart, funny, coy, AMAZING little kid she is. SO excited (and a little terrified) to see her as a big sister. I'm hoping I can slow her down for a moment and get her a little more interested in her dolls so she'll think helping me with a little one is fun. We'll see.


LAUREN said...

Lillie, she is adorable! I love all of her words that she says. It brings back a lot of memories when Gracee was that little. Sophia is at a fun age. They grow fast, so cherish every moment! I bet you're looking super cute prego! Do you have some pics? Will you find out what you're having?

Lindsay & Weston said...

She's adorable. Sounds like she has quite the vocabulary! I am always fascinated by how much they truly understand.

I would also love to see pictures of you pregnant....and when will you find out if it's a little brother or sister?

Brandon or Michelle. said...

I'm just glad someone else will talk about their kid sometimes... thanks! :)

I think she has bridged a definite gap between little one and toddler one since I started reading this fantastic blog, 6 months ago. How cool that you have it all documented in this way.

And what can she say, her mama's got style, she wants to copy it! :)

lacy lowry said...


Thanks for sharing this stuff! It is great to imagine Sophia growing up and talking so much! I miss you all and can't wait to see you!

Amy: said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry about the YOU KNOW WHAT, I didn't even think about that. OK so anyway- Come to think of it- between that, and the video we showed you- Ross probably thinks I'm obsessed. Ha. And the pillows...I got mine first! Infact I made mine- and later Lizzie bought hers, and neither of us knew about it. Lizzie and I are weird that way, like one time we gave my mom the same gift for mother's day without talking to eachother about it. We think alot alike. But if you've read my blog at all, you can probably see she's more sane.

Laci and the Girls said...

The talking transition is sooooo fun....from toddler to little girl in no time!! Yes, pregnant pics request too :)

missy said...

Lillie, Sophia looks JUST like you in the top picture of the hat. The second picture makes her look more like Ross. Thus, I think she has Ross' eyes. Do you think?