Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The years keep FLYING by. Ha.

I'm 31 today and my birthday wish is that if someone threw me in the air and my shirt bounced up like Finn's, my tummy would look a little more like his, (minus the herniated belly button) and a little less like that huge kid in the air used to be tucked inSIDE of it.

(I'm kidding, I'm not that vain, I have lots more wishes...)

BUT--- it was so worth it.  Even with that aftermath.  I can't believe I'm 31, married for 9 years, with three kids... one of them coming up on 7.   It's all far far too grown up for the way I feel.  I feel like I can almost remember being that kid in the air.  Seriously.  How do we just keep getting oldeeeeerrrrrrr?

Ross would say "it's better than the alternative"-- and he's right.  And I am so grateful for one more year.

We lost my dad two years ago today, and if he were alive, he would tell me something outrageously fabulous about myself----- he'd lie, but he'd believe it, and so he'd almost have me convinced.  And I'd definitely stand a little taller afterwards.  He was so good at that.  

Then he'd tell the girls how they are more beautiful than the ocean and that they are worth more than all the money in the world and that they'd better find boys someday that know it.  

Then he'd go on and on about how huge and muscular Finn is, and how he can already tell he's going to be a professional athlete, or President of the United States, or super hero.  And then he'd stop himself and look at Ross and say... nope, he'll be like his daddy, this man is a saint.  He's going to put all that strength into doing good like his daddy.  Serving the Lord, being kind to people,  and being there for his kids...

I can hear it all.  I still miss him tons, and while two years ago, today was a very sad day,  I'm glad that I can forever share share my birthday with his memory.


Keith and Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Lillie! I get to experience 31 in exactly 1 month. Sigh.

christine, just bella said...

Happy birthday to you! I just found your blog via 6th street and found myself saying hey, I've seen that room on pinterest! I love it! And that one and that one! haha. I love your style, you've got a beautiful home, a beautiful family and beautiful writing. Looking forward to looking around a bit.

Hope you're having a wonderful birthday!!

Rebecca said...

super cute blog post =]

Joe Lowry Jr said...

Happy birthday Lillie! Lacy and I agree that your idea of what your dad would say if he were alive was SPOT ON! She's tearing up about it right now. We love you!

Brandon or Michelle said...

Happy birthday, sweet lady. You are dreamy, inside and out.

Karen said...

Happy birthday! Your dad sounds like he was an amazing man. God bless!

Megan O. said...

I've been lurking around your blog since you were featured on 6th street last week. I love the way you write and I can tell you are creating such a beautiful life for your family. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dad--he sounds like an incredible guy. Happy birthday.