Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Second Half of April in Instagrams (a little behind)

Hmm... anything noteworthy?

- we played outside
- we painted some nails
- I went for some runs and took pictures of my shoes to make myself feel good.
- we gave some baths
- we watched Phil Phillips and fast-forwarded the rest
- we rode our bikes before May hit with some premature triple digits
- we played at the park
- I made homemade hamburger buns
- I practiced my Katniss braid on Sophia
-And got sick :(
- Finn let me hold him a little less than the month before
-Sophia read a little more than the month before
- Mila was just as wild and crazy as ever.


TnD said...

I missed some of these on instagram. Good to get a recap.

padam said...

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