Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some more maygrams (the possibilities for instagram-word-blending are endless)

A few of our latest moments include:

- Mila's first trip to the dentist
- A dinner out way past our curfew
- Sophia bribing me to pick at her feet with tweezers while she reads to me... she loves having her feet touched!
- Twin day with cute friend Kate
- Our backyard slide coming back in business for the summer until it breaks for good--- at which point we'll debate getting a new one at full price or waiting 'till the end of the summer to get it half off.  Decisions....
- A family game night
- Baking... baking... baking.... mostly my favorite whole wheat cookies and my first batch of whole wheat cinnamon rolls.
- All with my NEW lovely 6 qt kitchenaid with the gorgeous shiny bowl and cool curled edge... sometimes it's exciting when things break. I had no choice.  I had to get it.
- The last of my birthday celebrations with Ross at one of our favorite restaurants-- Roys.
- And a happy me after a birthday massage.... ahhhhh...
- Some daddy/Finn skateboarding time
- And a possibly line-crossing picture of me and Ross on our 9 year anniversary.

I remember the days when I would be posting the pictures from our memorial day weekend right now, instead of all of the day-to day before that.... but when I skip, I never  come back.  And I need this stuff in print some day to make it worth all the obnoxious snapshots.

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Stephanie Hribar said...

Not sure if this is possible but I stumbled across your Instagram Collage file and could not open it. I'm trying to make one and haven't been able to yet. Would you be able to email me the files? My email is: Thank you!