Friday, May 25, 2012


Dear Sophia,

I don't think it was an accident that Heavenly Father sent you to us first.  I'm certain that you have always had this angelic personality of yours, and that you would have volunteered to come to us before your brother and sister, to be the guinea pig-- to let us test out all of our parenting mistakes-- and to help us become better for the rest of them.  Because a: you can handle it, and b:  that is exactly what you do.  You sacrifice yourself for others.  It's as natural to you as breathing.

I think you knew you were signing up to be the example.  It is so comforting to me to know that you will carve out the first path, with a conscience the size of the Pacific and such a desire for good.  Everyone who gets to be around you is lucky.  Every single one of us.

You think of everyone around you... and are the first to stick up for a friend who needs it, or remind a kid who's into trouble ... that there are consequences.  :)  It crushes you a little when they wave you off and don't want your help... some have even said mean things to you. (When you're begging them off the black top because that's what the yard duty announced etc..)   "Mom, I didn't know what to do-- I just didn't want them to get in trouble but they told me I was weird and to go away." It doesn't phase you though. Your desire to help others is bigger than your desire to protect your ego and I think that makes you a 6-year-old hero.

You give and give and give.  I give you a treat in your lunch--- and you list the kids at lunch you shared it with.  You get a treat at church, and you save half for Mila.  If one half was bigger... you'd probably give it to her.  If Mila pulls your hair and puts me over the edge so that I have to drag her off to time-out, your heart aches for her.. and you insist your head doesn't hurt anymore, and that she should come out.  Then you run around the house trying to find things that will make her happy. Your capacity for forgiveness is infinite.

But do not be mistaken.  You are no doormat.  You are just like your father.  You are sweet and generous every day of your life.  But you are confident.  You are confident in your place in this family and your place in this huge world as a daughter of God.  When it matters, you do not bend and you can be FIERCE when it comes to defending friends, family, beliefs, or morals ... all the things that really matter.

I live in awe of you.  Your dimples and your eyes as blue and big as the sky.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being mine.



Christin said...

What a sweet tribute to sweet Sophia. I need to do that for my kids.


HMB said...


I have been a devoted follower of your blog for some 4 years now...and you always seem to write the most beautiful things about being a mommy. Please continue to share such sweet words, it reminds the rest of us to see through the wailing tantrums & the flailing food fights!!! xoxo :)

S.A.S. said...

I love this. I love Sophia! I am so happy that she blesses your home in all of those ways, and is such a force for good in that 6 year old (!) little body. Amazing! Tell her Aunt Sarah is super proud of how kind she is to everyone - it's the most beautiful quality there is. Oh, I want to see and squeeze these nieces of mine. xo's

Missy said...

What a beautiful series of photos Lillie! She is gorgeous..and clearly has the personality to match.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

What a nice post about Sophia! Every time you write about her - I want to steal her away to lead the way for my boys.

So happy you have her! What a great little girl.

Joe Lowry Jr said...

I love that little girl.

Nana from San Diego said...

You have captured the essence of that prescious little granddaughter in writing. What a treasure those words will be to her for the rest of her life. How did I get a daughter like you, who I am so in awe of?