Friday, March 02, 2012


So I taped a big piece of seamless paper to the wall in my garage and wanted to see how the light would turn out out there.  Then I grabbed the kids off the trampoline and asked them to come help me for like five minutes.  They were already playing a game on the tramp involving these hats?? Judging from the picture above, I'm thinking something with aliens?  Also judging from the picture above, I think Mila will be an uber famous actress someday.

Have I mentioned that Sawyer lives right behind us (or to the corner of us) and climbs over the wall to play every day?  They don't have any fun together.  Clearly.


brooke said...

I am dying...I need to collage these somewhere in Sawyers room.
They are amazing.

melanie said...

I LOVE these! Makes me want to grab my camera and take pictures!

Keith and Courtney said...

How fun! All those colors are so fun to look at, not to mention the cute kids.

CAW said...

oh MY great idea they turned out beautiful!
love your blog sweet fun and fantastic