Saturday, March 03, 2012

February in instagrams

I love that as long as you put them in a grid, you can include WAY more pictures than anyone would ever want to see.  Or at least I tell myself so.  At least there's no major scroll commitment. That's something.


The pictures cover: 
-my new barstools, (only the most important things, obviously)
-some kite flying and a nice child-taken shot up my nose
-Mila letting Finn pick her boogers in the back seat "because it's making him happy!"
-Ross's annual mancation
-a trip home to San Diego to see Nana and Papa while Ross was on mancation
-a game night with Nana and Grandpa B.
-cookies- cookies- and more cookies
-Finn walking, then two weeks later REALLY walking
-Sophia winning two metals at her first track meet
-Ross recovering from Kidney stones 
- And lots of other random teensie tiny memories I decided I couldn't possibly live without.


Karen said...

Love it

Francis said...

How do you get to post all these pics from instagram on your blog?

simply&withlove said...

I came across your blog from something you pinned on pinterest. I have to say-I hope that one day I am as happily married as you are! I don't know how you found him or he found you, but I hope one day I will be as blessed.
Your family is absolutely beautiful!

CAW said...

umm i have no idea how to put my pictures in a grid-do tell