Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Always a sweet treat

Just a few minutes before, I'd called down from where I was getting ready, "Mila, you doing ok?" 

"Yeah! I'm just playing!" she says, convincingly.

And then literally, within five minutes, I come down to find her all tucked in on the couch with Rapunzel-- out cold.  During Finn's nap.  A quiet house.... ahhh.... few things are better.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

That is a wonderful surprise! I'm always baffled by these stories - my kids have NEVER fallen asleep anywhere other than their bed. We drove all the way to Utah and one year old Ryan was awake the whole time! :)

Rebecca said...

so beautiful!

Erin Marriott said...

Oh my goodness Lillie. It has been SO long since I've caught up on your beautiful family!! Every now and again I'll quickly check your blog in carpool on my phone, but it's been ages since I've left a good long comment on here :) So that is what you're getting. So where to start?? I'll start with your gorgeous gorgeous Christmas card!! I LOVED it. Your family keeps getting more and more beautiful! Every year I keep thinking we'll get more creative with our Christmas pictures, ha! And we try a million different variations, but the only one that ever seems to turn out always seems to be the same pose {every year} haha! Me on the right, Dan on the left, kids sitting on us. Makes me laugh actually. And then I see your creative cards, and it reminds me that I have no imagination and I need to change it up! You have inspired me! So let's talk about your new beautiful white cabinets! I love them. No, like I really love them. And I love how you shared the whole story. I love fresh, clean, and bright white, especially in the kitchen. And glad he was so nice to fix it, since it was an entire different color!! That's like the worst. When you have something in your head exactly the way you want it, and then you're left to feel almost ungrateful, {even though you're not} but you somehow end up feeling that way since you don't love them. That happened to me when we painted our house. It was waaaayyyyy too dark, so we had to repaint it lighter, which was still darker than what I wanted but lighter than it was, but still not competely in love like I wanted to be, but I know this isn't my last house so I'm okay with it. But I guess that's the way it goes with your first house :) I can get it right next time, right?? Anyway, LOVED your new kitchen, love your home!! Okay now onto your kids--Sophia looks JUST like you did at this age. {with a hint of Ross :} But she is so sweet, and I think she looks just like you! And Mila! She is just edible. She reminds me a little of Alli, a little fiesty at times, but then melt-your-heart sweet the next minute. And I loved hearing about your ragnar---Dan just ran his first marathon a few weeks ago, and now I'm inspired to run a half. I'd love to do a ragnar. It's taken me a long time to get my endurance back with 3...but Dan surprised me with a double bob and now I'm hooked. Oh, I miss you. I think our kids would have crazy fun together. And you and I would just pick up where we left off because that is what we do. I think of you often, and I'm so glad I get to check in on your life every now and again and see your sweet life. {even though blogging is starting on it's way out??} hey, I do mine for the blurb, so it's honestly more for me these days anyway :) Hugs to you!! Love you Lillie.

** I came across some pictures of us--oh my. I am going to have to scan them and email them to you. They. Are. Precious.