Monday, February 27, 2012


I hear a lot of talk lately about how blogs are a thing of the past.  It breaks my heart a little since I've always really loved having this record going of our lives.  But I think I'm ok with it.  It was always supposed to be about saving the memories for myself and my family anyway right?  Certainly no reason to stop that-- and no reason that it has to be IN for it to be worth my time.  It sort of takes the pressure off and makes me feel like I can go back to my blogging "roots".  When I just wrote and wrote and never even spell checked because I didn't understand blogger yet.   Although it WAS fun back when we all had time to comment back and forth wasn't it?

Blogging has been constantly evolving for me.  It started as a way to keep in touch with a few close friends from college and keep tabs on each other's lives.  I loved that it gave my family a place to see pictures of my ONE little baby girl, Sophia. (I started when she was 1!)  Then I got into taking pictures and it became more of a hobby too--- to make my blog a little prettier, and have somewhere to share my pictures I thought were so lovely.  YIKES. (still good halloween memories, just really scary editing... and no that's not finn in a yellow tutu--- it's Mila.)

Unfortunately once I started taking pictures for other people, I got a little worse at taking pictures of my own family... and my blog became a little less of a thorough record of us.  I didn't love that turn.  Which is why I've loved instagram.  It's given me an easy way to be constantly documenting the little things... so the memories are SAFE and sound and if I blog them, in the (dreaded but unavoidable) blurb book.  Some day.

But every once in a while, when I pull out the real camera for one of their little faces, I remember why I used to want to post photos of them every single day.  Some things just never go out.


Laura said...

Ok, I will comment like everyone used to in the "old" days. :) I LOVE your blog! I am still an admirer from afar, but I love that you share your beautiful family with the world and are willing to document those things that I promise, would have been forgotten. I have seven not-so-little and little ones now, and I am grateful for every single post I have created. I had someone just the other day, ask about a past post. I went to find the link for them and forgotten a sweet post on my 3 year from two years ago. That day, I thought, I will remember this moment forever, but somehow, I had already forgotten. I spent the next 30 minutes reading about our family's life and crying at how truly blessed we are. Keep it up. Even if it is only for grandparents, dear friends, strangers from afar, the girls, Finn, and YOU! You will never regret it! You rock!

Coordination Queen said...

Sometimes I really wish I could "like" a post. I love looking back over my old posts and am so so glad that I have them... it makes me want to start blogging regularly... not once every 3 months. But then again, I was never really good with a journal. Oh well, my point was going to be that I love looking at your pictures and reading your stories and just enjoying your blog. And you are right, somethings just never go out. :)

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Lillie! Once again, you've blogged my exact recent thought.

There aren't very many regular bloggers anymore - but I still love it. I love reading any of my friend's blogs and I love keeping up my own. Yes, Instagram is wonderful but it's not quite the same as a blog.

I thought the other day about how neat it would be if blogging was around when my mom was raising me. If I was able to go back and read about ME and my family and to really be able to see what life was like.

Keep it going . . . :) You're blog is a favorite of many!

Ainsley said...

i must not be in the 'cool' because i still love blogging and i like to blog regularly. personally, i think insta is the fad... yeah the filters make life easy, but I prefer the clarity of regular, old digital photos.

i love your blog. so PLEASE keep blogging.