Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I've decided I'm a fan of Valentine's Day

So we planned on making these cute cookies from 30 days blog... but we made them way too big... so we bagged the sandwiching idea and just kept them like this.  Then we still didn't have enough.. so we did some cut out rice crispy treats too...
These are the tags we used for the top of their cellophane bags.

Finished product.  Not as cute as Mique's heart oreos.... but cute enough.

This is the extent of a valentine gift for Ross. We don't do gift gifts.  Which I'm grateful for since it's hard enough for me to pull his birthday together in January so soon after Christmas.  So I did a little picture banner.  A look-at-us-we're-so-in-love token above our bed in case it's a go-to-bed angry kind of night..  Whoa... way too much work to put that many hyphens in a sentence.  Another lesson learned.

 I just made a super simple little fake polaroid template as a 4x6 in photoshop (it's down below if you're into that sort of thing and want to download it. Open in photoshop, drag your photo on top of my gray square, right click, create clipping mask, ctl-T if you need to resize your photo to fit, hit the infinite sign above so you don't stretch it to weird proportions.) Then I printed them at Costco as a 4x6's and trimmed the bottom.  If you want, you can write things like "I love you more than Hula Pie" because your photo's at the Cliffhouse and you REALLY love hula pie, or "I think you're nicer than all the white people in Maui" because you were surprised at how many white people were on Maui and how unfriendly lots of them were... really romantic things like that.

Cookies and pictures for Valentine's Day.  Sometimes I'm just so innovative I feel the need to share.

Also chocolate.  I suggest chocolate.

Here's my genius polaroid template.

fake polaroid.psd

PS. Can you tell I finally switched the newer blogger interface and can't figure it out.  It's AMAZING because I don't have to edit the html for 15 minutes to make my pictures bigger... but I can't figure out how to make my photos stay lined up and keep my text the same size with the captions etc.... 

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Keith and Courtney said...

I love that Valentine bag tag idea! Super cute and brilliant. I will have to remember that one for the future.
We don't do gift gifts either for Valentine's Day. I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones.