Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Here we go

This is my first blog. We'll call it a test run... to see how it actually goes and to see if I have it in me to keep one of these things up. I wish I had started it when Sophia was born, I think I would have had a little more motivation. She's over a year old now and I've lost a little of my fire for taking pictures and journaling every move.... gotta get it back because she's only getting more amazing. She's walking all over the place and as "they" say, "getting into everything!" I didn't really think it would change much from her crawling because she could already reach anything she pulled herself up on. But it's different. Walking around, knowing she has two free hands to cause trouble with... she does. And then she brings me the incriminating evidence. She brings me bark to let me know she's knocked over the orchid. She brings me toitlet paper to let me know she got the door open and unraveled the roll, and she brings me a wipe to let me know she's been so kind to empty the entire container of wipes all over the bedroom... at least she's honest.

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