Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lickin the plate...

This is Sophia eating applesauce. She doesn't want to miss any so she skips spoons and fingers and goes straight for the bowl-- mouth to bowl... it's the same way she eats leftover ketchup on her plate. Yum.

At 13 months, she's getting closer and closer to talking right back to us. Although, the whole talking issue is kind of confusing to me. I don't really understand how you know when your baby has said their first word. I'm beginning to think everyone just has their own idea-- so you can't really compare what other mom's tell you. Mama-- Dada... sure she's been saying that since she was like 4 months old along with nana, papa, baba and some other baby babble that while exciting to hear, definitely didn't hold any of the meaning we connect to those words. So do mothers count the first word as when they really think the child understands the meaning of it? That would make sense to me but if so, it's just kind of hard to know when that first time is. It's different than I expected. I thought one day my little baby girl would look at me and say "mama" and I would know she was addressing me, and by doing so first, I would know I was her favorite. :) Not that simple.

However--- while she's been saying these words for a while, I do think lately her "mama's" are only said to me, not when she's with her Daddy. And the other day we were at the park when a white car drove by, similar to Ross' white car that he drives off in as we wave "Bye bye" to him in the morning. Sophia stopped what she was doing and ran toward the street (ahhh!) saying "Dada Dada Dada" so I'm thinking she's smarter than I thought.

She has also gotten the tone thing down so while she's not mimicking my actual words yet, (except for "uh oh") she does mimick the intonation really good when she wants water, yogurt, or to say "bye bye". Also any time I say "yay" or "good job" she starts clapping. It really is amazing just to see how many little things they pick up on. My daughter's a freakin genius. Just kidding.


Missy said...

Ok Lillie. This is so great. I love that you are blogging and that we got to see each other this weekend. Sophia is SO CUTE. She has the biggest blue eyes and such a fun personality. What a doll. I'm so glad that I can keep up to date on you guys and see how she grows. Get Lacey to start one too!

I'm with you - the first word must be when they put the meaning and word together b/c Avery said Dada the other day, but I don't think she realizes that Devin is dada yet.

s.a.s. said...

Yay! I can't believe the difference in little Sophi from last time I saw her to now. Holy cow, that little girl is a ball of energy with heart-melting blue eyes to make you forget she's getting into trouble. I LOVED seeing you guys and am thrilled that now I can keep up with you one more way (the easiest one to do at work:) Thank you SO much for making the long trip for a few short hours of fun - it was heaven to see you all. Love you all (and thanks for making me look bad now that I'm the ONLY non-blogger around). Maybe you can give me lessons.