Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swinging Soph

I've gotten so bad at lugging around my camera for the every day stuff. I'm so grateful that Ross cares (as much if not more than me) about documenting life. And that he's got the newer iphone with the better camera. This was one evening in Orange County, I had a shoot and he took the girls to the beach. Wish I was there... how gorgeous is it?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Back from Thanksgiving weekend in San Clemente with Ross' family.... feeling the need to hurry and record some things I'm thankful for before it all passes...

- A husband that does things like sleep half on/half off of a memory foam pad so that I can make sure my side is covered by the funny-shaped piece that we have (while out of town).

- Two girls before this boy. I don't know the dynamics of it all yet. But I know I wouldn't have it any other way... and that they are both SO excited to take care of this little boy and I have all the faith in the world that they'll be the best sisters there ever were.

- This hand-me-down pair of juicy sweats from my sister, Melisa (she bought while pregnant and never wore because they're HUGE)--- that I thought were CLEARLY a faulty pair when she gave them to me, being so large... and now they're perfect. Sad. But I'm very thankful.

- That we got home tonight to the COLD desert. Did you hear that? Cold desert. I rarely get to put those words together and ironically, my soul has never felt so warm.

- Chocolate covered peppermint joe joes from Trader Joes.. Did I blog about these yet? My favorite store-bought treat ever- I think. I was so excited to have one the second we got back in town.

- An eldest daughter who wants to make the world a sweeter place. Every time she sees an ambulance, she says how she hopes everyone is ok... MOST times when her sister's upset, she'll give up her toy, make a silly face, hug her and stroke her hair, whatever she can to make her feel better. Any time she tells me something negative (she told me very hesitantly one day that she had a friend in her class that's a LIT-TLE biiiiiiiiit................. chubby.) I told her how every one's different etc... and that we'd never want to say that to anyone because it could hurt feelings and never want to say it about them to others---- and she cuts me off to exclaim... "oh I would NEVER, I will only say 'everyone! You're the best in the whole wide world!'" She loves for people to be happy and like her dad, ONLY wants to do the right thing. She makes ME so happy.

- A youngest daughter who could command the seas with her laughs and her singing AND her fits. She is passionate and fun. A little spoiled by her big sister, but learning her tenderness too.... she's silly and smart and likes to get a reaction. But is quick to forgive and move on... and so easy to love. She still twirls her hair when she drinks her milk and lets me squish my face against her cheek and neck without pulling away even a little. She's still my baby... for four more weeks.

- So much great family. My own little one, the one I came from, the one Ross came from... it all becomes even more important to me as I get older and as I watch my kids grow up knowing they are loved so unconditionally by so many.

- The savior. And my knowledge of his sacrifice, and his love for me and my family. You can never really feel lost or lonely or panicked, no matter how crazy life gets, when you know this.

- My home and the silly things I think are pretty that make me happy to be in it.

- Christmas music.

- Butter and baking. Mostly butter.

- A healthy pregnancy--- where even though I want to rattle off a list of complaints when I go to the doctor, I get to answer no to every ailment-question he asks that actually MATTERS.

- A happy heart. That sounds so silly. But I've realized that being happy is not easy for everyone. And I think I was blessed with a happy heart. As much as I'd like longer hair, a whole new body, and hardwood floors, essentially-- (regarding the important things) there's nothing I'd change about my life. I am just so grateful for so much happiness in my life.

And lots more.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

The Christmas season is ON!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fairies and Pirates

We painted "fairy" houses.
And faces... thanks to some darling little helpers (some of my young women and activity day girls fromchurch)... thanks Brittany, Bailey, and Danielle!

Ross came just in time to tell his story about Blackbeard the pirate and his buried treasure... he lead them on a treasure hunt where they unburied the treasure box... I LOVED this part... the kids got so into it. It may have caused some tears since not everyone could see at the same time... but still... enthusiasm. :)

I love the fairy craze that's come with the tinkerbell movies. I just might be trying to encourage it in my house. But I just think they're so much cuter than the princesses... all sparkly and winged and sassy. How cute are these girls?

Happy Birthday sweet Mila.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today was Mila's...

The fact that she crashed on the couch with a low fever right before added only a minor challenge. But we still did it.... hopefully I warned each parent like I intended so they don't read about it here... :/ But she woke up cheerful, came a little late... and partied like a fairy.

More pictures lata.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The end of the season...

Today was Sophia's last soccer game. The first couple of games were rough... and the season was looking loooong.... and a little bleak. But it turned out alright after all. She's had a great attitude for the past several games and gets excited before the games. She's not the most aggressive girl on the field, but OF COURSE she's not. I don't know how she could be with her peace-maker instincts. It was fun watching her be a part of team and pushed to try something brand new..... and learn to love it even though it's "really hard work."

And there really is something JUST right about watching your husband coach your wee one. Darling. Right out of the cute-husband handbook.

He's even planning a pizza party.

A sneak peak

I really did the stripes. Here's proof. Have you heard of frog tape? I've never tried stripes without it. But apparently it's a must--- And this job was so much easier than I thought it'd be. When I actually decided to go for it, I think it took a total of like 1.5-2 hours, from measuring and marking, to ripping off the tape and cleaning up. Of course I only did ONE wall (a whole wall though... not just the little corner you see... just thought I'd better clarify)--- and Ross had already painted the room the light gray. I still can't make up my mind on pretty much ANYTHING else... but I love the paint job. Hooray! One thing down.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sophia's bed for sale! $100

I'm sad to part with it... whatever we replace it with will most likely be super cheap. But I really want matching beds or headboards or something.... for the big-girl shared room. Just checking in with you local mamas if anyone's looking for a new white bed for their little girl's room.

UPDATE-- the bed sold--- THANKYOU for any interest!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A baby post

No--- not my own. But if you saw me in person you might think THAT post should come any day. I get comments like these daily:

"when's that baby due? Today? Tomorrow?"
"You must be having twins" -- nope--- "Well.... then your doctor's wrong." (I laugh politely-- and swear under my breath.) just kidding.
"How much longer?" then I respond accurately... and their face turns to utter disbelief.

It's getting kind of old. And I dread places like Costco or the Stater Brothers near the Del Webb community of old people. For some reason they're the worst. Maybe it's been so long since they've been pregnant, they don't EVER remember being that big.... like I don't EVER remember being as little as HS students today. Or maybe they really didn't get nearly as big since the medical community shamed them if they gained over 20 pounds back then... but let them light up a cigarette after labor.

(A lady at the gym told me that from personal experience. She's not even that old-- true story.)

I should clarify after my last pregnancy post. I am SOO grateful to be pregnant. So grateful for healthy children so far and healthy pregnancies. I'm so grateful I am able to GET pregnant without too much trouble and hope that my complaining doesn't seem so trivial and unthoughtful when there are so many that struggle with that. Life's good.... I just think it will be better at the end of December. :)

Oh and more of this darling baby Jackson over here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's just hitting me lately that before I know it... she won't be my "baby" anymore. Yes she might still sleep in a crib--- even though she climbs in and out as she pleases-- (we're just too lazy to make the change until the "big girl room" is ready.) But she turns three next week, she likes red onions and avocado on her sandwiches, and slowly but surely, she's learning to share.

My baby's growing up.

We got home from our date tonight, and I went to check on the girls in their beds. I wished I could crawl in Mila's crib, nuzzle my nose in her neck, and kiss her cheeks. I settled for a photo instead.

For about six more weeks... she's my baby. It's almost enough to make me stop willing those weeks to move in fast motion. Tonight I want to freeze it all. A family of four has been sooooo sweet.

(The room was completely dark accept for some hall-way light... I'm so grateful for this camera I can crank to 6400 iso to remember these sweet sleepy moments...)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Skip if you're sick and tired of my fickle nursery thoughts...

Ok--- I've narrowed it down to these two for the baby's room. If only all of that green bedding were included. ;) I think I'm set on one of these--- but then I find this one below, the Spot On Square Eicho, Eco Friendly crib at Amazon for $595, which is SO much more than I've ever considered spending, but of course cheaper than some of the lovely Oeuf cribs I've gotten used to drooling over.... judgement..... so...... clouded......
and wonder if in the LONG run, the price tag could be worth it's lovely aesthetic. Probably not.

So of the first two---- what's your vote? I like the leg shape and price on the Walmart one--- but is it too "amber"? I think I prefer the espresso of the Amazon one. But is that even worth the extra 79 bucks? I've painted his walls a light gray--- that's all I've committed to so far... I know... I'm going to run out of time and steam and end up with nothing. Here's my latest inspiration boards.

Still cheating and using the oeuf crib because the bedding in the other photos will really throw off the vibe. :) The blue and white fabric would be for the bumper... still debating where to put my new zebra hide. I LOVE it- and want it to find the best home. :)

Or this one with the light coral striped rug from the American home Rug Company.

If I still have time after I rip myself away from this blasted computer--- I planned on starting some stripes on one wall in his room today.... after falling in love with this room.

Wish me luck---

And give me your vote--- I've got to make another decision or two here soon if I'm ever going to finish.

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Sister's Retreat!

I should preface, Vegas is NOT a place I would consider a vacation destination. In general, it's not exactly my style.... the smoke, the.... ads..... the casinos, that sound in the casinos.... the shortest, nastiest skirts you've ever seen on so many girls that I can't stop thinking about what their poor mothers must think----

BUT---- a couple of months ago, me and my sisters started talking about how much fun it'd be to squeeze in a little getaway before I have my baby. Now that Lacy's baby is almost weened and could stay back with dad-- and Melisa's, and Tere's babies are even older than that---- and Kim and Jeanette's aren't babies at all---- we could really do this retreat tradition we tried to start five years ago! With no extra bodies in tow! Except of course, for the rhino in my abdomen. Holy moly, he's on the move. I can't believe I'm only 32 weeks. Have I mentioned that?

SO-- We considered some locations, and decided Vegas was just a good meeting point, with nice hotels, food, and SHOWS. So we did it! Kim and Jeanette couldn't come, but my mom, my two sisters, and my sister-law, Tere were all there... I wish we took better pictures... but it was iphone or my no-flash camera in the dark (since we only got "ready" at night") so this is about as good as it gets.

We stayed in the MGM Signature Suites which was amazing. It was so perfect because it's like you're staying in a beautiful resort anywhere in the world... pretty entry, calm pretty lobby that smells like soothing spa oils, NO casino, or smoke, or ca-chinging. Yummy breakfast deli downstairs, pools.... everything you need. And then with a short covered moving walkway, we could be at the MGM and all it's craziness in a few minutes-- with all of the restaurants and entertainment that offers.

We ate at some delicious restaurants-- my favorite was Sushi Samba... a sushi/ Brazilian/ Peruvian fusion. ??? So yummy and fun. And I got special pregnant treatment which always puts me in a good mood. :) Free desserts with that cute good luck message above. We saw KA by Cirque, and Phantom! KA was a little disappointing... not nearly as acrobatic as you imagine Cirque to be--- but still a really cool experience.

Phantom was amazing... and now I just want to go see the movie again --- and not ONLY for Gerard Butler this time. :)

Happy to be home with my kids and hub--- but feeling nice and enriched from a weekend of some of my favorite women--- and missing them already. There's just something about that girl/family bonding that I NEED now in my life. I love these girls. :( Glad Christmas with family is right around the corner---- Sometimes I wish we lived in the old days where families just stayed right by each other and lived on one big plot of land. Byron? You've got the most space.... I'm just sayin....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

31 weeks

- I'd usually prefer to cut off the opposite part, and leave just the head.... seems ironic. (That weird line at the top is the top of my computer armoire... which casts a reflection-- hence the giraffe-look. Took me a second..)

- Once I hit 30 weeks, I felt like I was in the home stretch.... but now I already feel like I've run out of steam... forgot to pace myself... and just might wack one of these last hurdles with my knee and fall on my face like I did in high school. Less literally.

-If ONLY it were just 330 meters.... feels more like a marathon. Or like that crazy cross-country run that Forrest Gump did. No I would NOT know what that feels like. (The marathon I mean... the other is clearly too obvious to mention) I haven't joined that craze yet.

- But I want to after this baby comes. I think I need a competitive goal after it's all over. Not a marathon... but some real race. Maybe a fun one. Like a Ragnar.... is it just us Mormons or is it a new craze with everyone? I'm feeling nervous about this whole third-time thing. Like maybe things will never really go back where they started. I think a new goal might help.

- This photo? That's pretty much my uniform, I get in one of my black pairs of workout pants, and one of my long enough black tanks (I like other colors... but seem to only find them long enough in black???) every morning before the gym, and take my sweet time changing out of it. Finding something else... even just to wander the house, has proven to be EXTREMELY challenging. I really don't remember it being this bad with the last ones.

- People constantly ask me when I'm due and then act shocked that it's not sooner. It's great.

- Something positive? He moves like a crazy animal and I LOVE it. I see my belly jolting out of the corner of my eye all day long.... this is what I miss when it's over. I think it's amazing to feel this tiny person I'm going to love so INTENSELY, growing and moving around so cozy and safe inside my belly. Bonding with me. I love it.

- Not so positive: (some more, I should say) Are you ready? These last couple of nights have been the worst sleep ever, with:

-My usual crippling sciatic pain at the slightest movement.

-A very impatient bladder that unfortunately requires more than slight movement.

- Like a THOUSAND calf cramps that pull me out of sleep, with that confusing... do I stretch it or relax it.... I'm too tired to remember! battle going on in my head.

- Then of course I have a stupid cold that makes me feel like I'm drowning (gross I know, where you're swallowing all night long so you can still breathe.) And I'm scared because I remember feeling like once I got a cold when I was pregnant before.... my body could never kick it. Crossing fingers.

- Mixed with the results from getting the Pertussis vaccine the other day. She warned me that my arm would be pretty sore... I was thinking like a little bruise. I DIDN'T think it would make it so I couldn't sleep comfortably on my right side which is how I ALWAYS sleep right now so I can have my fan blowing right in my face. What's an overheated pregnant woman to do?

-Why didn't she offer to do it in my LEFT arm? So it wouldn't kill every time I lift it to pass a sippy back in the car or put dishes back in the cupboard, or brush my hair teeth? (who am I kidding... I don't brush my hair.)

- I'm aware that I don't use bullets right.... no consistency. Still- I think it's how my mind works these days. If it works. I've fixed SO many weird spelling/grammar or totally nonsensical mistakes just as I've written this. I'm sure you'll find more.

- I feel a little like Gloria from Modern Family... and English is my first language.

- That's misleading. English is my only language.

-Was that not the funniest episode ever? "Welcome to the Nay-ber-hoooood...." I can still hear her weird Americanized Latin voice and a laugh rises to my throat every time. "Who wants to live in a world where dogs eat dogs?!"

- Back to pregnancy--- you'll be happy you're still reading if you've made it this far... weight gain? dun dun dun----- 39 pounds. And I still have 8 weeks to go. I'm pretty sure my last pregnancies capped out at 40. I'm blaming the boy.

- I've got so much left to do--- I haven't bought him anything... I bought the paint for the room but that's as far as I've gotten. We've got a list of names, but are very noncommittal. And I'm realizing that weekends are filling up and with the holidays--- he's going to be here before we know it. Even if I do feel like my body might give up far before then.

- I can't wait. I know it's going to be hard and overwhelming--- and we'll be tired--- and I'll long for the days of huge firm belly when it's sloshing around afterwards (sorry for that visual-- particularly if you're a boy)--- but I still can't wait. I can't wait to be forced to ignore everything else when possible--- and just lay with him snuggled into me on the couch at night-- or watch him rise and fall on Ross' chest with his breathing. Or bring the girls home from school just to gather around and watch him be cute. I can't wait to see his face in the operating room (c-sections), and I can't wait 'till that same face REALLY focuses on my face for the first time a few weeks later. And then smiles.... and then smiles at his sisters.... and yet I know I'll want to freeze him right away and just watch his body arch into the C when he yawns for the rest of my life.

- I can't wait.

Monday, November 01, 2010

A superhero birthday party!

Just days before Halloween.... they got to get in their superhero personas early at Sawyer's birthday party... Brooke made monogrammed capes and masks for all the kids.

I know.