Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Wedding

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What a day--- With each wedding I've done, I have more awe and respect for the photographers that do dozens a year. This was one of the easiest couples and families to work with, but just the hours in a row, the need to be "on" socially and (do I dare say) professionally, the HEAT and therefore SWEAT spilling in the way of my vision, maybe the babe in my belly, wearing anything but running shoes when I'm on my feet that long, and all the while trying to pull from my creative corners with that many people watching and waiting! It's hard work.

I always wonder if I'm not supposed to share this stuff…. but that's why my photo blog is so short and sweet (and boring). THIS blog, however, is for gut spilling.

That sounded lots yuckier worded that way. Sorry.

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Happy said...

Yeah, I have no idea how you wedding photographers do it! Wedding photography is definitely not on my list- I couldn't handle the stress as well as you do! And the pictures are AMAZING by the way!