Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's official!

(It looks like her panties are in some sort of bundle… they're just a little big, seeing as she's in Sophia's half the time. Point of picture: not the bundle--- just the panties)

She's still in pull-ups at night and naps--- but otherwise, 100%--- no accidents--- fully committed--- so much that she'd wake me up in the middle of the night to pee at my mom's house--- potty-trained.

I felt like I was going about it all wrong. I certainly wasn't following any books or anything like a good mommy. And -- I'm into the books. My personality is like 98% figure-it-out-as-you-go-and-everything-will-turn-out-just-fine. Except with babies. I really liked the sleep books--- some rules--- some schedule etc… I think someone has done a bunch of research so that perhaps my life as a mommy won't be QUITE as pull-my-hair-out-by-the-roots-and-eat-a-carton-of-icecream every day stressful. So I'd assume that there's something to all of those potty-train-in-three-days theories. But I never took the time to read one.

So for a couple of weeks I encouraged the potty and kept her naked in the mornings. We started with a morning or two in front of the TV on the little potty eating Popsicles. But besides that. I was inconsistent and hit or miss. Sometimes avoiding it all day. I was supposed to have her potty-trained for cousin's camp. It wasn't looking great.

But then we went to my mom's for the 4th and she didn't want to disappoint Nana… she only had a couple of outdoor accidents. Oh yeah, by then, I had started randomly sending her off into the world in panties…. come what may. I'm crazy like that.

I'm forgetting why I thought this story blog-worthy. I guess because I'm just so THRILLED that somehow, all of a sudden it STUCK. And I really didn't think it would unless I went about it more dramatically… "ABORT ABORT---- wait thirty days--- and then start fresh, armored with a freshly learned theory" --- this is what I imagined.

And then she just decided it was cool to NOT poop in her panties or pee on the ground and she's through with that. Done. Moved on. Big girl-- so big that she through the hugest fit the other night about a pull-up, so we gave up and put her down in panties meaning to put one on after she fell asleep. Of course we forgot--- had to clean a bed--- and she STILL refused--- after much coaxing and rock-a-bye-babying, I got it on her WITH her princess panties over it of course. This girl is giving me a run for my money lately.

Here's a video I took at the BEGINNING of my sort-of-potty-training process. Just so you can see how important she thought it, to go pooh pooh "on the potty"… Probably a bit too long--- but she was just so cute--- and so Mila--- if you skip the middle, watch the last few seconds when she changes her tune all of a sudden. She's a high and low one, this girl.


Sarie said...

I thought I was the only one who flew by the seat of my pants. Nice to know, nice to know.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Two best days: first day of nursery and full day in panties - no accidents. I fully comprehend your joy.

Brandon or Michelle said...

:) we're not there yet, but i'm trying to love my little girl for who she is, diapers or no diapers. my idea of "casual pottying" lost her interest months ago (remember, you commented on her 2-yr-old birthday pottying last OCTOBER), and now she tells me "but mommy, I wuh (love) my dipah!" fantastic.

but with zane I was worried that no potty training luck at 2 (and even barely 3) meant that he was NEVER GOING TO GET IT. and now it feels like he's never NOT been trained. so I'm keeping it real with the missus, not worried.

and apparently, I'm trying to make myself feel better in this comment forum. sorry about that.

short comment: YAHOO FOR YOU!

brooke said...

I love that cute girl.

Helena said...

Our girl just learned to pee in the potty too. She's already three but she wanted to have the diapers every time she needed to pee - but now it seems to be over. :-)

Cormac said...

Hi Lillie, It's Dorothy (Dixon) Pitts, so I just moved to Cali! We are in long beach for a year and i so hope that you live somewhere nearby, i can't remember. my email is, we should hang out. loves, dorothy

The Hepworths said...

ah lil, what great news. we have yet to attempt the big potty. maybe i'll try your method. you are a GOOD mom. she is seriously so adorable, love the video. AND so so so happy about the upcoming BOY, YAY!