Friday, July 23, 2010

Slugs and Snails

I want this vignette in my baby's room. Maybe I'll just print it out and frame it since I'll never find a piece of furniture like that…. without taking out some equity in our ho----- … oh wait… what's that?…

I've been thinking a lot about this boy thing.

Do I have to learn to cut hair? Do I have to pay someone to cut his hair? Don't you have to give boys haircuts??? how often? How do you know what…. shape?

Do I have to save extra time before church to put on real socks and shoes instead of "sunday flip-flops"? … real shoes stress me out.

Do I have to tuck in his shirt? Put on a tie? Real or fake? I think church with a boy is stressing me out. Maybe I'll make that Ross' territory.

And should I even mention all of the different bits and pieces? I'm a bit nervous for all of that. I feel like I'll need to learn diapers all over again. And the--- ahem--- … surgery… early on…. I'm already anxious. I've heard stories.

But guess what? I was laying in bed a couple of nights ago and I felt---- the most distinct little kick. I know I've been feeling little bits of movement over the last 2 weeks or so, the kind you wouldn't recognize during your first pregnancy, and the kind the doctor disregards as…. (gas)… but you know better.

But THIS time… well this time, I felt that little kick… and quickly put my hand in place, and I felt that little kick again--- even on the OUTSIDE.

It's official-

And there are few things I love more in life than feeling my babies move. Those little flutters that make it all real--- like he's reminding you that he's in there getting to know you're voice and your heart beat and your vibe. It almost makes up for all of that garbage that comes with pregnancy. (and by garbage, I mean back-fat.)

I went to sleep with my hand on my belly and a smile on my face…. and I really did dream of my baby boy all night long.

I'm in love. Socks, shoes, bad hair cuts and all.

But do I have to give in to star wars?


Trent and Kristi said...

it's all about...the clippers! That's how I do my boys haircut - it's SO easy! if you mess up - you can always just buzz them.

I do nice sandals for church - it's too hot for socks & shoes!

so excited for you guys! I have LOVED having a boy!!! So much less drama!

Jessica said...

I cut Landon's hair, we do our best to get him looking Sunday best but that doesn't always happen, and one lesson I learned the hard way...when diapering point his unit down then close up the diaper this will prevent over spilling of pee.

Brandon or Michelle said...

:) are you kidding? boys are way easier than girls (i.e. my annie is already more rag-a-muffin looking than my zane. wait...does anyone besides me say rag-a-muffin anymore?). plus, you have style. you're going to be fantastic.

Katie said...

I pay for ryan's hair cuts. He's got gorgeous long locks that I don't dare cut myself. Sometimes he wears his crocs to church because he's only 2 and at least he's got a tie on. My good friend with 4 boys has a good policy: they don't really have to be ALL sunday-ed out until primary. So far it's working for me and easing the stress of Sunday morning. SO excited you are having a boy! Congrats!

Missy said...

I don't even have a boy and I think church with a boy would be the least stressful thing about it! Maybe b/c I see how easy my sister does it.

Throw them in some shorts, a little boy quiksilver shirt and crocs and they are ready! at least when they are little boys:)

I can't wait to see this little guy. And Michelle, I still say ragamuffin!

moliver said...

In response to that last itty bitty question. . .Yes! Star Wars, Super Heros and all that stuff.

I've tried doing haircuts myself but if I want my boys to look good, I pay for a hair cut. I'm sure you can do the hair cuts yourself though. You're so talented I'm sure you can figure out a little haircut.

Nice church sandals are awesome in the summer time. All of those worries are going to go out the window as soon as your little man arrives. You're going to be just as awesome of a boy mom as you are to those girls.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I loved reading this. :)

a). Cutting hair is a piece of cake.

b). Your little man will look adorable at church. Even if you have to put him in "real" shoes.

c). A diaper is WAY easier with a boy . . . that is after he stops peeing on you at every diaper change.

d). Nothing positive to say about the little surgery. Sorry.

You're gonna love it.

Sarie said...

AMEN. I may never get a boy, I may never even get another baby, so I don't know and may never know...

but AMEN.

alliehoopes said...

i just love this.

p.s. rag-a-muffin, rag-a-muffin, rag-a-muffin

Tonya Prentiss said...

BOYS ARE AWESOME.. of course i don't have a girl to compare it to but really they are awesome!!! a couple things though... YES.. POINT that thing down in a diaper... it will be a good thing, of course they will spray you a few times! We are having another boy this time and I am excited but I see your precious girls and think it is awesome you will get the best of both worlds!