Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some of what we looked at last week

While the kids were at Nana and Papa's cousin's camp (it is what it sounds like… a week long camp at Nana and Papa's house with no parents (big kids first half, little kids second half) must be potty trained and "water-safe"… after the challenges of Mila, I think next year's rules will be more like-- 6 and older. They might want a few years off of her.)

Anyway--- while the girls were there… we were here… in down town San Diego, staying at the Westin, walking everywhere, eating bagel sandwiches for breakfast, sleeping in 'till 9:30, taking naps, ordering movies, eating amazing sea bass, GOING to movies, eating ghiradelli sundaes…. eating… mostly eating….

With my favorite eating-buddy…. and everything-buddy.

And no we didn't plan it. Looked down at ourselves on the elevator, both in yellow. Whoops.

And then I lost my cardigan that night while walking with it draped over my purse. That's what we get.


Paul*Anne*Cohen said...

Sounds like heaven! Eating is one of my favorite activities too :) Your parents are major troopers to take ALL the kiddos! You guys are the cutest, hope you're feeling a little better. At least the middle of the pregnancy is sort of enjoyable :)

Lindsay Griffeth said...

As I read your blog, I can barely keep my eyes open from my ALL-NIGHTER with Ryan last night. I soooo need a weekend in San Diego.

Glad you got one.

And your parentals ROCK. How fun are they.