Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thanksgiving in photos...

Everyone came. All six of us kids and all 18 grandkids--- we filled my house, two friends' houses that were out of town, (I know... I have SUPERB friends) and an RV in the driveway. We cooked all day and ate all night and scrabbled... and ate... and watched movies... and ate.

and ate

and ate...

Papa Kirk came equipped for a nerf-gun ward in the backyard. It did not disappoint. It was serious stuff--- I wish I had a video to do it justice.

Then Friday we got to celebrate again with my Dad who came in from Texas. (We missed you Mary Beth!) TWO days of party. Way more eating... and lounging... did I mention I got on the scale at the gym today for the first time since? I won't. It's bad news. You didn't help dad. Fettuccine Alfredo and mashed potatoes in the same meal? Only my dad.

Pretty sure my kids would need me ONLY for food and drink if we lived with 16 cousins ALL the time. I could not have imagined how relaxed I'd feel having a big party at my house--- along with 16 cousins comes 16 entertainers.... I feel like I should have been paying a fee.... AWEsome.

Oh and have you seen Ivy lately? I wanted to nibble on her arm rolls.
Hope you had as much fun and ate as much food as I did.

ps. Check out my BABY brother and his family on the photo blog.


AJ said...

What a beautiful family you have. How blessed you are.
Happy Friday!
Anna J

Kym said...

Loved this post. Isn't it fun to have everyone you love around?! Even better is that its perfect this time of year to fill up the backyard with a big long family table!

Brandon or Michelle said...

and how great that there were places to stay nearby! that really was awesome of your in town buddies. fun to see pictures of the fun! everyone looks so that the camera or the family?

missy said...

that baby...could her arms get any chubbier and more edible?? oh my goodness, darling.

i love, love having my girls around their cousins. nothing better.

Lizzie said...

Ivy's arms are unbelievable. She is so cute Melissa!