Saturday, December 19, 2009


This was probably the second runner up. You can see us all better than the one we chose, we're closer--- more of a traditional family photo--- it was a tough call.

How quickly we think of our "coulda, wouldas". Would have put both of the girls in tennies or both in pretties. Would have done Sophia's hair different. Would have calmed the back of mine so I didn't look like a freshly bathed and shaken dog.

Would have stuck my butt out just a little less..............and then.... maybe just a little more? Wouldn't have offered fruit snacks as my bribe and then snapped the shutter mid-chew. Or maybe I would, because this expression gave us some good laughs. Would have realized we were in Brooke's shadow. So typical, Brooke....always in your shadow.

Just kidding.

Would have started earlier so I didn't have to make these hazy to compensate for the low-light.
Would have remembered to change Mila's diaper before we left the house so it didn't get so full that it hung mid calf in her tights before I took it off leaving her au-natural.... resulting in this.

But all and all-- what a productive feeling it is to get some family photos. And how much more respect do I have for the people in front of my camera. It's hard work trying to keep all your people looking beautiful--- sheesh! glad it's over. Thankyou Brooke!!!
Merry Christmas.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

OK, really?

a). LOVE your bright outfit with yellow earings and yellow shoes. Please share where you found those gems.

b). Could your family get ANY cuter?

staceykt22 said...

You have such a beautiful family. Those two little girls are cutie patooties!

Rachelle said...

Oh my goodness! I already knew you guys were gorgeous, but these are ridiculously great pictures! I thought I'd already seen them all, but there were so many that I hadn't and that I love. Seriously, the ones of Mila and her "incident" are hysterical and so so sweet! Gonna miss you guys over the holidays! Love you!

Brandon or Michelle said...

this is a totally fun shoot. I feel like you just walked out of your glamorous life and into my living room for a bit. except that you are never allowed to really come to my living room--it's not ready for your chicness and beauty.

love the fun COLOR! love YOU, basically. hooray!

brooke said...

I'm so glad I finally get to see these...I feel weird being the photographer and then not seeing my beautiful product!
What a fun day/almost night. Nothing could top Mila! I love here like my own!

maines said...

LOVE the one of Mia and the puddle. Priceless. If only Ross were wearing some layers these would have been perfection. ;)

maines said...

Just realized I called your daughter Mia. Would've deleted it, but you would have seen it anyway. Can I blame it on the fact that I've been potty training all day and am losing my mind? Thank you.

Sarie said...

Lillie, have I told you how much I love your blog? Love all the parenthesis, all the funny sidenotes, all the honesty? Love it. Your photos are beautiful. Love the black and white of you and Sophia.... pure beauty!! xoxo