Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bikes? Help.

Does anyone know much about bikes? We've said for years that we should get them for Christmas. And I think this just might be the year.... only problem: we're the blind leading the blind on what-to-look-for-when-in-search-of-family-bikes. Of course what I really want is the Madsen bike above since it's... ummm --- beautiful.

Look at it. The perfect blue. The orange fender. Mmmmm. The huge trash can to tote my girls around in. I la la la love it. Except that it's $1300

SO--- if I were trying to make a more educated decision on what bikes we should get and we're looking primarily for:

- Beach cruisers (what? It's only 2 hours away, you never know when we'll cruise over... )

- OK so maybe we just want to pretend we live somewhere cool enough for a beach cruiser, but whatever... we've got 5 or 6 months of ride-outside-without-dying-of-heat-stroke weather ahead of us and and endless desert-scape to explore.

- uh... that's about it. We're looking for beach cruisers. Did I mention that?

So can we get the under-$200 ones we see online or at Costco (Schwin?). Or will they fall apart like our Walmart Trampoline? (Ross was jumping the other day and a spring shot off and hit the neighbor's house WHILE the neighbor was outside. oops.)


Lindsay Griffeth said...

Let me know what you end up getting - I think we're getting bikes this year, too!

AJ said...

We got our bikes at Oshmans in Palm Desert. (Next to Target.)Worth a look.
Have FUN!
Anna J

HMB said...

Get a beach cruiser. Strap a tub to the back. Call it a day.haha j/k...they are adorable!

Lizzie said...

So glad you did this post. I've been begging Shad but of course have no idea of what I would even buy (except for sure NOT the beautiful blue one you kids would be fighting the whole time in that thing), but it's all sooo expensive! I like Shari's but that whole set up is around 1200 I think. I feel like now that we live in town I could really bike anywhere...Trader Joes, out to yogurt, to the gym, etc. It would be awesome. I can't even keep up with Tanner while he rides his bike and I'm walking....I need to be on a bike too. Of course I need to have a baby first....and who knows where she'll go. Anyhow, I'm hoping someone leaves a comment for you on some amazingly cheap bike that's just perfect. And then you can buy it first and tell me how it is. = )

missy said...

Electra bikes are oh so fun. Beach cruiser-ish with gears to go up hills.