Tuesday, December 15, 2009


(oops.... didn't mean to do the light blue borders on my collages but i'm too lazy to fix it now.)

Ten days 'till Christmas! We're off to Utah this year, and I always feel like since we still go home to our parents' houses for Christmas, we have such a short amount of time in our own house for Christmasy stuff... it just goes so fast. I finally feel like I finished decorating even though we ALWAYS try to get it up right after Thanksgiving. This year it was just hard to find the full day-- or evening-- or whatever it takes to get it done right. Instead, I did a little here and there and never felt fully satisfied. I finally went to Homegoods the other day planning on giving in and buying some cute, new stuff (since most of my Christmas decor is stuff my mom didn't mind parting with 7 years ago when I got married)- and there was nothing cute left! So now I may as well wait for the post-Christmas sales and hope I find some treasures in Utah.

What on earth was that paragraph about?

Anyway--- I'm finally really feeling the groove. We did the gingerbread house over the weekend (so what if Costco helps us out a little by selling them already assembled and ready to go--- SO much easier that way), we walked around the neighborhood to look at lights last night with the Lamms for family night, and Ross added "Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella" (no idea what it's really called) to our playlist because I told him I missed hearing it when I was a kid dancing in the curtains with Lacy like Celtic women (remember Lace?)

Ahhhh..... Christmas time. When the weirdest things can burrow themselves permanently into your heart and memory and become forever and magically nostalgic just because.... it's Christmas time.


Karley said...

Hey make sure to hit Tai Pan within the first three days after Christmas when you are in Utah. They have the cutest Christmas decorations at amazingly discounted prices. You will love it!

Brandon or Michelle said...

LOVE mila's pigtails in these! THEY ARE AWESOME! :)

and you shouldn't have told us all about costco's "help" in your gingerbread night. here I was thinking you slaved all day (in that beautiful kitchen of yours) and gathered treats from around the globe..and you're trying to tell me you're just like me?

in other words, great capture of a fun activity. are you in utah then? wish we were headed there too, if for nothing else than to get to chill with you.