Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Bullets: from me to you-- in a very nonviolent way.

- Here's one from my latest shoot with the Balls. Check out some more on my photoblog.

-I've decided that I think in bullets, since my kids don't really allow me to transition fluidly through my thoughts, so writing in bullets is sometimes SO much more natural.

- Today while I cleaned the toy room, the girls grabbed handfuls of frozen chicken nuggets and scattered them around my family room.

- While I cleaned up the frozen nuggets, they dumped out toys in the toy room as fast as they could until the floor was once again covered- per usual. And I was quickly reminded of why I NEVER clean up the toy room. Eight minutes. I will never. get back.

-Later I found an orange bell pepper in my couch. Like a whole one. What?

- Even later I found a pile of peanut butter pretzels on the carpet in my bedroom... very crumby ones. Evidently someone discovered an old snack bag in my purse from church.

- Sometimes cleaning consumes me and I can't go to sleep on the night of my birthday after a great date because I have to mop until midnight or else the thought of the sticky spots might haunt me in my sleep.

- And then sometimes I think cleaning is so overrated and that if I really want a clean house, I'm going to fill my days with cleaning- and there won't be time for anything else. And then in ten years, what do I have? Will my house really be that much cleaner than the next mama's?

-On a different note, I'm trying to limit my time on the computer after Sophia answered her Mother's Day Preschool Questionnaire with this: (notice the 6th reason, the one my friend Rachelle-- Miss Shel--- so lovingly put a smile next to.)

- "I love my mommy because she plays on the computer." sad.

- I finally ran out of my Kirkland brand laundry detergent and can start my GAIN. I could SO be on a commercial for GAIN. I would totally be one of those angels sniffing the clothes right off the line. Yum.

- I'm getting my hair done tomorrow- I'm thinking super blonde. Like maybe super duper blonde. I don't know, we'll see.

- If any one's still interested in a San Diego Session, Monday the 18th is still available. Any of you desert families want to drive out of the heat and enjoy some breezy, non-sweaty family photos?

-I'm 28. And it's going to take a different entry to tell you what I sort of got for my birthday. Holy cow it's exciting. Are you in suspense? You should be. a hint? Ok maybe one. It's related to the bullet preceding this bullet. Uh huh. Just wait.


Christin said...

Lillie you make me laugh. A very wise grandmother and mother once told me something that has stuck with me. It says in the Book of Mormon "and it came to pass" it didn't say "and it came to stay". These messes will all be a thing of the past and then you'll find yourself looking around the room wondering what happened to those precious toddler years. I know I am convinced that I will too.


Have a great day.

Brandon or Michelle said...

gasp, lillie all those beautiful pictures on your photo blog. you're really blowing the rest of us out of the water now, you understand that right?

I hope your birthday was just WONDERFUL, even the mopping, and that you know how many people are astounded by you. you're that great.

Kym said...

Happy Birthday Lillie!! You're gonna love "28"! It was one of my favorite years....not quite to 30, but way wiser & happier than say 25.

Holly said...

I love the bullets,...what a great idea. I seriously hope that the peanut butter pretzels in the carpet were not my fault. (all though I don't think that my girls went upstairs.) I had SOO much fun by the way! ;);)

I am in suspense about the b-day goings on...I AM!!!

Rachelle said...

At least playing on the computer came after playing with me. See, you do have your priorities in order!

TnD said...

Lillie, happy belated birthday. 28 is a great year.

Attic Gal Alysa said...

Love your post. Bullets - now why didn't I think of that? Can't wait to see the super blonde hair. I'm actually doing all blonde on my appointment on Monday. I decided to do it while at BYUs women's conference. I realized I was the only one with multi-colored hair and most everyone had solid hair. Maybe I"ll feel less skunky and more simple with a solid color. Let me know your thoughts with your hair if you are glad you did or did not.