Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Part 2 of last weekend- Nana and Papa's!

So 14 of their 16 grandchildren slept over at my parent's house in Bonita last Friday night, tents in the backyard and everything. Old school. They really are the most amazing grandparents. They hold nothing back. They loaded all the kids in the back of the jeep (gasp) for a couple of blocks to go set off rockets at the park. Or at least Papa says it was only a couple of blocks. (But Sophia and Millie didn't actually take the ride... but aren't they cute for the picture?

Below that you see Papa's signature backyard movie (During which us girls enjoyed a night out at the Cheesecake Factory....yum... (I know Lisa, but who can write a whole post without mentioning food? Not me.))

Saturday, we'd planned a big Father's Day celebration for Papa Kirk at the beach:

She's in kind of a... temperamental phase right now... taking a while to warm up to people... does the whole "leave-me-alone grunt" to anyone who isn't in her every-day routine. So Papa pulls out treats all day so she'll cozy up to him. As in, he buys a special treat before she comes into town and offers it to her immediately, be it 9 am, bedtime... whatever-- It works. She LOVES her Papa.

Here's just a bunch more from the beach. I know I know.... always too many, and yes they're just going to keep on coming since there's still "actual Father's Day and Boccie Ball", and then "Brooke and Taylor (Ross' sister) in the desert" No pressure to comment. :) It's all about that Blurb book. The summer just seems nonstop. And I've got to have all the memories in one place :)

Nana-- the woman who can DO IT ALL.

So it turns out after all 32 of us were settled at the beach, cars parked, stuff unloaded, tents and umbrellas set up, kites flying, kids in ocean, and sandwiches made.... the wind was blowing just a little too hard... and a little too cold., that whole June gloom thing, so we decided to pack up and head back to my parent's pool. Fifteen minutes inland makes a BIG difference. So.....

Back at the pool we got one of MOST of us,

missing: Mom, Kirk, Mila, Kirk, and Kenny

including (but you can't tell): little possible-girl in Melisa's tummy!


Lacy said...

Great pictures! I had not seen all of those from the beach! Love them!

Kodi said...

Wow, such cool pictures of your family. It looks like you all had a great time. How fun to be all together! Leaving in the am. . . miss you guys!

Jenie said...

What great pictures...even though it looked a little chilly at the beach, it still looked wonderful. I think a little chilly would be nice about now...I'm about done with 120. It looks like you had a fabulous time with your family and how fun that that your mom is just in San Diego. What a fun getaway for you in the summer. You look beautiful in those pictures and I love your hair!

Paulo and Melody said...

It was so great seeing you! We'll definitely have to make a trip one weekend maybe in September, when it's still warm, but not scorching. I'm not a big fan of the heat. But I loved catching up with you.

Rebecca said...

Goodness Lillie, I left town for a week. Such pictures! The frequency of posts! It's nearly dizzying. I want to comment on a thousand things--something that makes me feel like we really SHOULD live near each other. Would much rather tell you I like the green chairs in person. Maybe even call to say that Fresh n Easy has a sale or something. Thank goodness for that Blurb book that keeps you consistent and me updated. Can't wait to see you in July. Can't wait for pics of our daughters in matching dresses.