Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olsen Fun

The last of our run of family-fun. Here's a few from our visit from Ross' sister Brooke and her adorable family. They were in San Diego looking at areas to LIVE, since Taylor graduates from his Ortho. program in December. It's pretty exciting to think Sophia and Mila will have one more set of cousins so close by. And an Orthodontist in the family? Not bad right?

Sophia and Kai. Do they look like cousins or what? (I know you can't see her face, but you know it by now...)
He's just about two months older than her, and not little or anything, but of course as you can imagine, (and see in the picture below) littler than her. She is getting SO big these days. I guess that's what happens when you combine Ross and me vs. Brooke and Taylor. (Just see photo below of Brooke and me and it's all pretty clear.) We're going to have Volleyball players for sure.

She's so dainty isn't she. Thanks Brooke. It's not cool to accidentally dress sort of twin-ish with a pilates instructor/stilt dancer*. Apples to Oranges is more my style. :) (*Yeah check out that link for a clip of her dancing on STILTS. It's at her ward talent show, instead of with her group in LA we got to see once, but still really cool.)

And their little one, Beau. Can you see where my girls get their cheeks? Definitely the Biesinger side. I LOVE them!


Missy said...

Lillie, I love the accessories in that photo of you and Brooke. Tell Brooke to move to OC! I'll give her details, she can be my neighbor and then you guys can come visit and it will be a big party:)

Christin said...

Sophie seems like such a loving little girl. I can't get over the cute shots of her hugging other kids. We need to get our kids together. Too cute.


Taylor M said...

okay so you are come and take pics of my kids. You are amazing with that camera of yours. Maybe we can do a trade or pilates for your expertise behind the lense/photo-shop skills. LOVE that pic of Kai and the ones of he and Sophia! Miss you guys. 4 months, 3weeks and counting. :)

Taylor M said...

oh, that last comment was from brooke, not taylor. :)